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When you need comprehensive, dependable support at any stage of your business journey, our corporate finance team will provide practical and motivating advice to help you progress with confidence.


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Throughout the landmark events of your business lifecycle, our specialist corporate finance team will guide you with sound, proven advice. AAB corporate finance can help you through the good times of growth and maturity, and be ready to support you should you encounter challenges such as restructuring or litigation. 

We work with companies of all sizes, from start-ups and family businesses to multinationals. Our approach to corporate finance is based on getting to know you, your circumstances and goals, and providing appropriate advice that’s focused on moving you forwards. We are always objective, but we’re also excited by the prospect of playing a crucial role in your success. 


We have skilled, experienced corporate finance people ready to help you effectively navigate merging with another entity, making a strategic acquisition or selling your business. They’ll share their knowledge and project manage you through every significant event, from start-up to exit, joint ventures to buy-outs.  

During these complex processes, we’ll take care to ensure you have enough information and advice to act confidently, without becoming overwhelmed or distracted from running your business. Timing is often a key issue too, so we’ll be sure to make you aware of deadlines and help you meet them. It’s a strategy that works well for our clients, as you can see for yourself in our done deals. 

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  • Commercially driven tax and financial advice provided by people who understand my business and who care about its success. A dedicated partner led team of real advisors with real commercial focus.

    Derek Smith, Maritime Developments Limited

  • AAB deliver on time, every time and respond promptly to my queries and needs. I would, and have, recommended AAB to businesses who have since joined them.

    Graham Mackie, Dales Engineering Services Limited

  • Having AAB as our business partners gives me peace of mind as they listen, participate and work with us to ensure our goals are achieved.

    Gillian Irvine, NorDan

  • AAB took over as Applus+ UK’s external auditor in 2022. The difference we have noticed compared to other auditors is that AAB Audits like we manage our business, adapting its procedures to our systems and the specifics of how Applus+ UK operates.

    John Hill, Head of Finance Applus+ UK


Finances will always be foremost for your business, so it pays to be supported by corporate finance specialists who are fully informed and proficient in all the many ways you’ll be affected. Our experts will advise on the best fundraising sources and strategies for each of your projects, making the best use of their experience and connections.   

This is backed up by our transaction support, making sure you’re aware of the tax implications, carrying out financial modelling and due diligence and providing business valuations for a range of purposes. All this corporate finance advice is provided as a joined-up, fully integrated service so you’ll always be able to talk to team members who fully understand your business. 

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Whether you are a UK-based business looking to expand into a new country or an international company planning to establish an offshoot in the UK – whatever your situation, our international corporate finance team can help you realise your plans.

Our team combines AAB’s corporate finance specialists with their global professional counterparts, whom we access via Reach Network. This gives us strong and dependable connections with trusted partners, which means you can benefit from the in-depth local knowledge and international experience of specialists in hundreds of countries – all projects managed by us.


Circumstances and markets change, so even long-established businesses can find themselves facing substantial challenges. Our response will be calm and positive; we have a successful track record of helping businesses understand their situation and setting out their best options to restructure and recover 

We’ll explore and explain your options, which could include refinancing, selling the business through accelerated mergers and acquisitions, a restructuring plan or administration. Should these options not be available, we’ll advise you on the range of potential plans and which would be best for you. We appreciate that time is usually a key factor, so we’ll move swiftly to maximise the outcome for all parties. 


If you realise your business is insolvent, or if you are experiencing personal debt and money worries, it can make it hard to see any way forward. We are here to support you and show you the options. It may still be possible to set up a rescue plan, and our team will assess your liabilities and assets, explain your position and advise you on the correct course of action.  

The key is to speak to us as early as possible. By getting to grips with the issues early on, we’re better placed to find a solution. 

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