Global Employment Tax Manager



Large Corporates. Multinational Companies. Smaller Businesses.


Employment status & off payroll workers. Expenses & benefits. Termination payments. PAYE reviews. Expatriate tax policies & planning.


All sectors.

“The best collaboration happens where we have open communications to fully understand our clients’ objectives & current limitations.”

Claire Bruce is a Global Employment Tax Manager within our Global Employment Taxes team. Based in Aberdeen, Claire works with a variety of businesses, from small businesses to large and multinational corporates, in all sectors. She helps businesses by advising on domestic employment taxes, expatriate taxes, off payroll working & employment status, benefits & expenses, termination payments, and PAYE reviews.


“An ideal relationship with a client is one where there is open communication. The best collaboration happens when we fully understand our clients goals and current limitations. We are able to provide practical and efficient solutions for our clients where we are able to fully immerse ourselves in the situation at hand.”


“Clients expect practical, well-rounded solutions delivered through excellent service. The employment and expatriate tax world is highly technical, a day does not pass in which we do not refer to ever changing tax legislation and guidance! I strive to keep our clients fully informed on the technical standpoint for the scenario at hand in a clear manner and how the practical way forward achieves this.”


“The most satisfying aspect of working with our clients is finding the every day tax efficiencies we can implement within their business. We may be completing a routine compliance exercise or discussing another aspect of our client’s business, but the open conversations lead to identification of everyday efficiencies our clients can implement, these ‘small’ improvements can derive huge time and financial savings.”


“At AAB, we are here to ensure that you have all bases covered, which means collaborating with our other specialist teams. We have an eye for the bigger picture. Our client may have come to us for personal tax assistance for an employee they are seconding overseas, however, we will ensure the client has also covered any reward structure, corporate and payroll reporting considerations in this location to ensure full compliance and rounded advice. At times, we can link in three or more other specialist teams to ensure we are offering our clients the best and most comprehensive service. Our internal collaboration across service lines allows our clients to feel confident that the advice and solutions provided have been considered from all angles.”


“AAB utilises advances in technology to provide efficiencies and streamlined processes for our clients, such as dashboards for live tracking of internationally mobile employees. Freeing up both ours and our clients time from the data churn means we can focus on the end goal and allows for more face to face time with our clients.”


“There have been some remarkable changes in recent years on the Employment Tax front. Each member of our team has varying backgrounds and specialisms they bring to the table at AAB, which allows for interesting discussions on upcoming changes and current processes. The diverse background of our team ensures we are constantly challenging the status quo and tapping into each aspect of a scenario.”

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