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Accurate, efficient handling of payroll functions and employment tax are fundamental to your success. We help you get them right – easing your workload, ensuring compliance in the UK and globally, and keeping your employees satisfied. 


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For any organisation, getting payroll functions and employment taxes right is critical, to keep employees paid correctly and on time and to ensure compliance with HMRC. With employment tax frequently investigated and the rules stringently enforced, you can’t afford to make mistakes.

Our comprehensive services for payroll and employment taxes address all these issues and help you operate efficiently, confidently and compliantly. Whatever the size of your business, from start-up to global player, all the services you require from us will be tailored to your specific needs and integrated to provide seamless support. We’ll make sure you always have clear lines of contact with us and keep you up to date with changes that affect you, with proactive advice on your best course of action.

  • Commercially driven tax and financial advice provided by people who understand my business and who care about its success. A dedicated partner led team of real advisors with real commercial focus.

    Derek Smith, Maritime Developments Limited

  • AAB deliver on time, every time and respond promptly to my queries and needs. I would, and have, recommended AAB to businesses who have since joined them.

    Graham Mackie, Dales Engineering Services Limited

  • Having AAB as our business partners gives me peace of mind as they listen, participate and work with us to ensure our goals are achieved.

    Gillian Irvine, NorDan



Our flexible business payroll solutions provide experienced specialists and market leading technology that delivers accuracy, confidentiality and above all, the ability to ensure payments are made to staff on time.

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We have seen an increasing number of businesses expanding to the United States from the United Kingdom from start-ups to established businesses requiring our specialist support in US payroll. Remaining compliant with cross-border payroll has never been more complex and our team can support any business or individual working in the US.

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Our fully managed payroll service relieves you of an arduous workload and the pressures of ensuring compliance. Whilst it’s automated and highly efficient, it’s also delivered by people you can talk to; your dedicated relationship manager will ensure any questions you have are quickly answered. Our technology integrates with widely-used HR and Finance systems and includes dashboard reporting to provide instant clarity. It also extends to provide a global payroll service for all your workplaces around the world.

IR35 off-payroll working is still a mystery to some businesses and a source of frustration to others. With experience that spans its implementation from public to private sectors and a deep understanding of the rules, we’ll explain it all clearly and help to ensure you comply, whether you’re an end client or a contractor.

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Global mobility allows you to hire the world’s best talent and deploy your people wherever they can be most effective. Inevitably, it also brings complications around corporate and personal tax/social security issues. Our support for your global mobility programme will take care of the tax challenges and give you full visibility of your employees worldwide, to help you optimise efficiency.

As employees go global, many organisations outsource and offshore their overseas employment tax functions, but this can raise issues around ensuring compliance. We are alert to these challenges and our overseas employment tax service helps eliminate these risks whilst providing a cost-efficient response.

Of course, you want your expatriate employees to be properly rewarded, to ensure they’re not exposed to double income tax, and to benefit from the available reliefs. Our globally coordinated advice will reassure your expat employees about their tax position, and keep them motivated and fully engaged on your projects.


International employment taxes and social security are crucial for employers and expatriate employees alike. Our specialised team ensures compliance across domestic and global landscapes, minimising costs through streamlined planning and coordination between HR, Finance, and Operations. From optimising expatriate rewards to managing tax relief claims and compliance, we provide comprehensive support, keeping employees motivated and engaged while mitigating tax-related concerns.

With expertise in tax treaties and global tax compliance, we simplify the complexities of international tax laws, preventing double taxation and ensuring timely payments. Our services encompass compliance management, tax policy preparation, and tailored advice for businesses at every stage of their journey, ensuring alignment with short-term objectives and long-term plans. Whether preparing expatriate employees for assignments abroad or facilitating their repatriation, our synchronised tax planning and compliance advice anticipate future needs, providing peace of mind for employers and employees alike

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As an employer, you face the challenge of attracting, retaining, and motivating employees on the one hand, while controlling employment costs and managing your tax risk on the other. Our UK Employment Taxes team provides practical support covering a wide range of areas, from tax efficiency and compliance to strategic advice. Most of all, we help you get the best value from your investment in people.

PAYE and NIC account for a significant amount of tax revenue, and you face the growing challenges of adapting to new legislation and ensuring your tax risk management, procedures, and strategies comply. Our dedicated team of specialists offer a blend of skills to assist you throughout your organisation’s life cycle, from one-off projects through to complete management of your UK Employment Tax matters.

You can benefit from our informed, practical and swift support for all these aspects and more:

  • Prepare and submit necessary reporting and calculations to HMRC  
  • Provide tailored advice and guidance surrounding specific transactions to minimise cost and risk to the business  
  • Be on hand to manage any HMRC compliance reviews to reduce any liabilities highlighted by HMRC  
  • Fully manage specific projects relating to legislation changes or case law outcomes 
  • Collaborate with our Payroll and International Employment Tax Teams to address complex issues, designing, implementing and maintaining the right strategies for you 
  • Support the tax and compliance aspects of your international assignments too
  • And more…



Continual advances in technology mean it’s highly likely you have different systems across your departments and teams, with data held in a complex and confusing combination of legacy, on-premises and cloud software. We’ll review your systems and software and make practical suggestions on how you can unify them with the minimum disruption and expense.

By making access to your data easier, we also help you extract more value from it. Our team will organise your data and provide interactive dashboards that provide meaningful outputs to enhance your business decision-making. Having this data at your fingertips can empower you to gain a competitive advantage, even in a challenging market.

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