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  1. Blog24th Jun 2022

    Extension of the Trust Registration Service

    The Trust Registration Service (TRS) was introduced in June 2017 as part of the UK’s Money Laundering regulations. The TRS requires trustees to report information about the trust, trustees, trust assets (for taxable trusts), beneficiaries and other parties associated with... Read more

    By Nicole Johnston

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  2. Blog23rd Jun 2022

    tax advice

    Members Voluntary liquidation (MVL) v Strike Off – What is the difference?

    Since moving into restructuring at AAB, friends and family have asked me: ‘What is an MVL?’ ‘Is an MVL a bad thing?’ ‘Why can’t owners just close businesses themselves?’ These are all very good questions! The restructuring and recovery team... Read more

    By Claire Smith 

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  3. Blog16th Jun 2022

    Protecting employee data – is your head in the cloud?

    Having a clear technology strategy is important to adhere to the increased complexity of payroll operations and compliance with UK and international regulations. Few organisations are operating cloud-based payroll systems and consequently sensitive data is passed regularly via email or other non-secure... Read more

    By Stuart Law

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  4. Blog7th Jun 2022

    Why hydrogen & why now

    Over a third of the UK’s carbon emissions are generated by the 80% of domestic homes currently using natural gas for heating and cooking. The UK is committed to reaching net zero emissions target by 2050, therefore, the gas we... Read more

    By Callum Gray

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  5. Blog17th May 2022

    Charities and Post-Pandemic Strategy

    The COVID-19 pandemic and consequent restrictions continue to resonate to varying degrees amongst the sector and our not-for-profit clients. Be it a struggle to attract the same level of footfall, a slower than expected return to fundraising activities or the... Read more

    By Jakub Rolinski

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  6. Blog4th May 2022

    Geopolitical tensions driving M&A activity

    As featured in Energy Voice, Anderson Anderson & Brown Corporate Finance (AABcf) is delighted to share with you our Deals+ update for Q1 2022 in conjunction with Energy Voice, highlighting selected Energy M&A and Fundraising transactions across the UK.

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  7. Blog21st Apr 2022

    Profit from expert experience

    While the tech deals market remained active throughout the pandemic, making the most of business that could be done virtually, there are even more opportunities for investment as restrictions ease and the world opens up again.

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  8. Blog20th Apr 2022

    The ins and outs of domicile and why it matters

    Newsflash – tax domicile is the new “news”… I suspect that all UK taxpayers, will have recently been interested to learn about how an individual’s domicile position, can significantly affect how much tax they pay in the UK. I am... Read more

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  9. Blog18th Apr 2022

    Self-Assessment – what is it and should you be filing a tax return

    The 2021/22 tax year ended on 5 April 2022 and taxpayers within the Self-Assessment system will have recently received a ‘notice to file’ letter from HMRC.   

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