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Individuals. Unincorporated Businesses. Partnerships. Non-Residents. 


Income Tax. Inheritance Tax. Entrepreneurial Taxes. Tax Structuring. Tax Efficient Remuneration. Property Disposals. Trusts. 


Property. Fishing. Professional Services.


Jill Walker is Private Client Director and is part of our Private Client, Advisory Services and Expertise to Entrepreneurs teams.  

Based in our Aberdeen office, Jill works extensively on advising clients on a wide range of personal tax areas to ensure our clients personal tax outcome is the best one possible for them.  

Jill can advise you on a wide range of issues from Tax Efficient Remuneration, Inheritance Tax, Entrepreneurial Taxes, Tax Structuring, and Property Disposals.  


“I very much like being ahead of the curve in terms of forthcoming tax changes and ensuring our clients know about those future tax changes. It’s then my job to work with clients to prepare them for those changes to get the best personal tax outcome for them. 

I also need to understand what’s happening or may be happening in a client’s lifecycle to better advise them. I work with business owners and entrepreneurs that have worked hard to build their wealth and I believe that my role is to help them preserve that wealth and pass it onto their family.” 


“The people in AAB are simply fantastic people to work with and we all genuinely want to do our best for clients. I love the fact that I’ve been given responsibility, I’m in control of my own career and am responsible for my clients. There is always great support in AAB for individuals who work here, and I’ve had great support during my time in AAB to develop my skills and knowledge. 

Often you can be juggling many balls in the air in this role, but I enjoy the variety of clients I work with and the types of work I’m involved in. Being able to now give those opportunities to others in the team is really satisfying. I love seeing others progress and be successful in their own career in AAB.” 


“It may sound cliched, but I genuinely care about all my clients. My clients can pick up the phone at any time and ask me a question. I don’t believe there is any such thing as a ‘daft question.’ I’ll be there to answer client’s questions whenever they need me. 

I’m intrinsically a person that is interested in people, likes solving problems and giving solutions. I get involved often with family dynamics and that really interests me. It’s important as an advisor that I understand and appreciate those family dynamics and can help my clients to achieve the right outcome for them and their wider family.” 


“We have a strong team ethos in supporting our clients and we’re always very responsive when a client needs us. It’s important that I’m there for a client when they need me and if I’m not there, someone else is.  

So many people believe a tax role is all about adding up numbers but it’s far from that. I believe that the strengths I bring to my role are around building strong relationships, communicating well, being approachable, agile, and responsive.” 

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