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Craig Burnett is a Senior Manager within our Global Employment Taxes team. He supports clients that operate internationally or have a globally based workforce. Although his clients are mainly in the oil and gas or renewable energy sectors, clients operating in the construction industry scheme form part of his portfolio too. 

Based in Aberdeen, Craig helps his clients establish whether the work they undertake will create an overseas tax exposure and if so, what compliance obligations this gives rise to. This involves working closely with local partners to ensure in-country support is in place where required.  


“Having an open and honest relationship with clients is important – both on a professional and personal level. If you are on the same page and agree the key objectives, it provides a solid platform and helps to ensure the work is performed in line with expectations. 

In the modern world, we are all connected to technology more than ever. The use of technology is vital in my role as the majority of my day-to-day work requires contact with people outside of the UK. Technology has provided a platform for me to have face-to-face (albeit digital) contact, therefore I try to talk to people where possible rather than only communicating by email. The more my clients get to know me, the more they’ll trust me.” 


“I work in a niche area which is very fast-paced and can be pressured at times. My role requires problem solving skills and a lot of patience. I also have to be dedicated, hardworking and adaptable due to dealing with different time zones, languages, cultures and country specific procedures. 

But outside of all that, it’s really satisfying when you see the end result and achieve your goals. If my clients experience good service, they’re more likely to view me as a trusted advisor for any future work. That’s always my aim.” 


“What I like about working here is that I have a platform to challenge why we do something a certain way. Nothing is set in stone, and I never feel like I have to settle for the status quo. The Partners in my team are very open and approachable, so if I have an idea or suggestion, the door is always open. And of course, we’re growing all the time so that naturally provides countless opportunities to tap into different markets, work in different sectors or in other locations. That’s refreshing and very exciting.” 


“My role can be challenging due to the very nature of it. I am dealing with people’s remuneration so there is no margin for error! As such, I have to be thorough and understand my subject matter – something that is not easy with constantly changing legislation and tax rules. It is important to stay calm, make sure I have done my research and build relationships with local partners on the ground.” 

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