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Transaction Support

From inception to completion, we’ll project manage your transactions  and provide transation support services with our practical, hands on approach. You can rely on our experience and due diligence, enabling you to focus on managing your core business while we take care of your transactions.

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Transactions are pivotal moments in your business journey, and the need to pay close attention can be demanding and distracting. Our transaction support service is aimed at easing that pressure by providing comprehensive professional services which you can trust wholeheartedly, so you have ample time to focus on your daily activities.

Our team of experts has handled countless transactions from all angles; buyers and vendors, fundraising companies and investors and many others. This all-round perspective means we can take a pragmatic view of any transaction, understanding what each party is looking for and steering the process towards the best possible outcome for you. This extends to each stage, from due diligence and financial modelling to project management, with the key to success being clear and proactive communication throughout.


Due diligence with transactions should be exactly what it says: meticulous and thorough. Our team is painstaking and professional, with extensive experience of providing due diligence services for purchasers, vendors, funders and investors. We dig deep to verify information, ascertain whether a deal is really viable and highlight where you need assurances. Our report will help you confidently decide whether to proceed or withdraw.

As part of our transaction support services, we can provide a full scope due diligence service or one that is tailored specifically to the key areas you request. We will identify the potential risks and opportunities in a transaction, arming you with information you can use to your advantage – whilst always being aware and responsive to any timing issues.


Tax plays an important role in any transaction and can have a significant impact on the deal. Whatever corporate finance activity you are undertaking, our team of tax specialists will support you at every stage of the deal cycle. Our expertise and experience ensure we add real value to any transaction.

The tax element of a transaction could make or break the deal, yet it can be difficult to know how to proceed when there are several different taxes involved. We can clarify even the most complex situations, giving you advice that draws on our wide range of experience. You’ll have a clear recommendation; our aim is not to sit on the fence, but to ensure you fully understand the tax position and can make an informed, confident decision.


Financial modelling can be a deciding factor in whether you secure the funding you seek or proceed with an acquisition you are considering. Our specialist team will use their financial modelling expertise to design, build and review detailed and reliable financial models, typically for a three to five year period.

We can create comprehensive financial models to suit any size and complexity of business, from a start-up business to a complex group with several trading subsidiaries, that will stand up to exacting scrutiny by the other parties involved.

It’s worth remembering that financial modelling doesn’t just have a role in transactions. It’s a very worthwhile exercise for internal use, to track and predict your performance, assess when you will be in a position to make acquisitions or if there are pressures that require attention, whether that’s working capital or more sales staff to help realise your potential.


Raising finance, acquiring or selling your business? We are here to take on your workload. In all these scenarios, it’s important you can concentrate on running your business and maximising its value. That’s why we provide complete end-to-end project management of your transaction, to minimise the inevitable distractions.

With a team of highly experienced deal executors, we understand the potential obstacles, challenges and delays, and how to work around them. By focusing on all elements of your transaction, we can maintain and expedite its progress, making sure you have the essential information without overwhelming you with unnecessary details. You can trust us to take care of minutiae, whilst ensuring you’re fully informed and empowered to make the key decisions.


There are several reasons why you may need a business valuation: to support a transaction or to help you raise funds; for tax purposes; to buy out a minority shareholder; as part of resolving a dispute or for financial reporting purposes.

Our team of experts prepare business and tax valuations for companies, partnerships and sole traders. With our specialist sector knowledge, we’ll provide dependable information to help you progress your plans and decisions, with the reassurance that it will stand up to exacting examination.

  • We have worked with AAB for a number of years and in that time they have given us targeted specific advice which has saved us money. We value their input to both the company and our own tax affairs, and they always deliver on time.

    Enda G Logan, The Fifth Business

  • For me, business is all about relationships, and the quality of what the team at AAB do to support us is a fundamental lever for us as we strive to meet the challenges and succeed as a group through and beyond challenging times.

    John Walsh, Online Electronics Limited

  • When we received a purchase offer, AAB helped our shareholders to make a balanced decision to sell the company and go on to negotiate a smooth transaction.

    Mark Cook, Tracs International

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