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International Corporate Finance

Don’t be deterred by the potential complexity of cross-border M&A and restructuring. By working closely with the experts in our global network, we will simplify the process, project manage it and deliver the results you seek. 

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Whether you are a UK-based business looking to expand into a new country or an international company planning to establish an offshoot in the UK – whatever your situation, our international corporate finance team can help you realise your plans. 

Our team combines AAB’s corporate finance specialists with their global professional counterparts, who we access via Reach Network. This gives us strong and dependable connections with trusted partners, which means you can benefit from the in-depth local knowledge and international experience of specialists in hundreds of countries – all project managed by us. 


Working together, we can advise you on all the global aspects of corporate transactions. That could be strategic mergers or acquisitions across jurisdictions or, if you’re selling your business, linking you with active industrial and financial buyers around the world. 

Guiding a transaction through the legal and regulatory restrictions of each jurisdiction can be involved and time-consuming. By calling on and coordinating our global partners’ expert support, we manage and expedite the process throughout all its stages, from due diligence to completion, with continuing post-transaction support for as long as you want it. 


We work with investors looking to expand their portfolios globally and businesses seeking funds to enable their international expansion, frequently connecting them to help both achieve their desired results. 

By using the local knowledge we tap into globally, we can direct you to funding opportunities, including those available from governments or regional bodies. We will help facilitate partnerships between like-minded enterprises based in different countries. And we’ll explain the tax and governance implications involved, carry out business valuations and financial modelling as required and confirm whether a proposed arrangement fits with your chosen strategy.  


Global markets are in a constant state of flux and government regulations concerning tax and employment also change frequently. A market that was lucrative with a cost-effective workforce can become restricted and too costly to sustain your operations there. Our international service can assist with your restructuring, advising on compliance with the local fiscal and employment regulations whilst minimising the financial impact. 

We may be able to help you continue trading in a different format, link you with a suitable source of funding via debt, recapitalising or refinancing or close the business and help you set up again in a more promising location. Through our own Restructuring and Recovery team and the advice of our global colleagues, we’ll provide practical, viable support. 


Understanding the local tax liabilities is essential to securing the maximum return to your shareholders on exit, so we will access the knowledge of our global partners in all the relevant jurisdictions. We will also help with planning your strategy for the sale and arrange a business valuation that encompasses all aspects, including intellectual property. 

Using our contacts, we will aim to link you with possible purchasers and, once a buyer has been found, provide seamless support for the transaction. As with all our international services, no matter how many experts from our global network are involved, we will be your constant point of contact, making the whole process as simple as possible.

  • The Corporate Finance team at AAB understood our business and led us towards concluding a tremendous deal. The team at AAB were thorough, proactive and efficient showing command and control of all the key elements of getting a deal done.

    Keith Wallace, EPC Offshore

  • When we received a purchase offer, AAB helped our shareholders to make a balanced decision to sell the company and go on to negotiate a smooth transaction.

    Mark Cook, Tracs International

  • AAB proactively assisted in addressing any potential risk areas relating to Corporate Criminal Offence legislation in our business and ensured a successful solution was implemented in conjunction with our legal, tax and finance teams.

    Dave Aitken, Interwell

  • AAB help to relieve the burden of tax compliance and can be relied upon to deliver a high quality computation in an efficient manner. They can always be relied on to keep us up to date with changes in the legislation that will affect us.

    Mike Leahy, Scientific Drilling International

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