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Steven Fraser is Aberdeen Managing Partner and is also part of our Payroll & Employment Tax team.

His operational role as the Managing Partner of the Aberdeen office involves ensuring that the business units in Aberdeen are aligned and that the team co-ordinate their efforts and resources to deliver awesome client service. His focus is also on how the group continues to be present in the Aberdeen and North East market supporting not only our existing and future clients but also identifying opportunities for us to continually re-invest in the local community.

Steven specialises in global employment tax and social security compliance matters. He advises on the impact of international assignments to ensure the most commercially driven solution is applied and the correct amount of income tax and social security is paid. 

Steven is also a member of the ICAEW Employment Taxes Committee, which discusses upcoming tax legislation changes. This means he is at the forefront of discussions on the practical considerations of upcoming new tax legislation.  


“I believe in pushing the boundaries with technology and I love how technology is driving change in AAB and our clients. Whether it’s the data we provide to clients via dashboards allowing them to drill down and see everything about their workforce or looking at advanced robotics and how we can utilise them in the business.  

I see how technology enhances client engagement and client experience. Now that automation handles the data and we can provide so much data back, we have different conversations with clients and can provide valuable commentary on what the data means. We’ve harnessed technology and will continue to do so for the benefit of our clients.” 


“I have a great team working with me which enables me to focus on the strategic direction of the Group. I see a large part of my role as supporting the development of individuals. I’m there to support individuals’ aspirations and provide whatever they need to reach their own career ambitions. It’s about building the right team and establishing a framework for people to be given opportunities. 

The most satisfying part of my role is seeing other people succeed. Giving people opportunities and then watching them progress their career is really rewarding and exciting for me.” 


“I’m proud of the type of clients that AAB support. We look after some amazing businesses, and we definitely punch above our weight in the marketplace. Those clients chose to work with us because of our approach, our service levels, and the way we embed and enhance technology to suit their business. 

The PE backing we’ve secured will allow us to continue to grow and develop but at a faster pace. This means that myself and the wider AAB team will continue to push boundaries, adopt new technology and grow with our clients.” 


“The challenge as we grow, push boundaries, and adopt new technologies is how do we get people to change their mindsets about what’s possible. That’s very much part of my role both internally and externally. It’s not about what good looked like 5 years ago, it’s about what good looks today, how we improve and make it even better going forward. 

I think my strength is having the vision to look beyond how things are currently done and push the “what’s possible” mindset. More importantly it’s about making that relevant to the individuals, whether that is team members, clients, or a potential client.” 

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