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Alex Shonhiwa is a Senior within our Audit team, based at our Leeds office. Alex’s role involves taking the lead in the audit team, by overseeing the engagement through all phases of the audit process from planning and execution to completion. Alex also has an active role in communicating all matter within the audit team and externally with the client stakeholders. With experience spanning across all industry sectors specialising in audit, accounting, and tax, Alex enjoys a challenge or any opportunity to utilise the creative side of their brain.


“In an ever-changing operating environment, the AAB Group audit space provides a platform to cater to a wide range of clients. Be that brick and mortar, virtual or a mix of both. I am an old school brick and mortar and prefer a good old sit down for a cuppa and handshake, however we always make sure our clients are aware of the options available to them.

Technology has played such a huge part in how we communicate over the last few years, and we recognise that some clients might still prefer to take that route. Whichever path we choose, we pride ourselves on genuine working relationships catered specifically to client needs”.


“Our audit team is versatile, keeping abreast of all updates and ensuring these are disseminated throughout our team members. The industry we operate in is dynamic and therefore we are constantly adapting to ensure that we can provide a quality, value-for-money audit service that is up to date with the most recent legislation and meets our clients’ expectations. Ultimately we aim to give our clients the confidence that we are well equipped to carry out their audit.”


“Sagars offers a wealth of opportunity across the length and breadth of the accounting field. With the expansion of the firm there is no better time to be part of the AAB Group. One of the biggest advantages is having a vast talent pool of colleagues to refer to, across England, Scotland and Ireland. If a client is looking for a particular service that isn’t within my area of expertise, we can direct them to someone else within the group who can provide the advice they’re looking for. Collaborating in this way allows us to go above and beyond to deliver the best service we can.”


“I recently joined the firm and it felt like joining a family I never knew I had. The team dynamic and comradery is surpassing. I feel I owe it to everyone in the teams I work with to give it my all and most importantly by extension to my clients.

At AAB, collaboration is our superpower. When we work together, there is no better team. We seek out opportunities to collaborate. Working together to help our clients attain their goals gives me a great sense of achievement and is possible thanks to a collective team effort.”


“It’s a common misconception that accountancy is all about numbers – we do so much more. Our focus is not only on compliance, but adding value and helping clients achieve their goals. With the wide range of services we provide across the group, we can meet most client requirements to run their businesses.

I have no doubt that we can answer all our clients’ concerns and questions. The team comradery and AAB values facilitate a safe space for everyone to share their ideas and offer the client nothing but the best quality.”

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