Large Corporates. International Groups. Owner Managed Businesses. Charities. Not for Profits. Public Sector. 


VAT Advisory. VAT Compliance. Customs Duties. Excise Duties. Environmental Taxes. Aggregates Levy. Landfill Tax.  


Energy. Food and Drink. Property and Construction. Financial. Charities and Not for Profit. Public Sector. Education. 


Alistair is an Indirect Tax Partner and Head of our Customs team. He specialises in VAT advisory and compliance services and can advise you on a wide range of VAT matters; from registration, compliance, the liability of supplies and HMRC inspections.  

Based in our Aberdeen office, Alistair also advises on other indirect taxes, including Customs Duties, Excise Duties and Environmental Taxes such as Plastic Packaging Tax, Aggregates Levy and Landfill Tax. 


“I love the fact that my relationship with clients allows me to advise them on the indirect tax consequences of their business decisions and to support them throughout as they implement those decisions.

I really enjoy being able to support clients with everything from basic VAT compliance to really complex VAT situations both in the UK and globally. This full breadth of services from a specialist team can really help to take the pressure off clients. When a client treats me as an extension to their internal team is when I can give them the best advice possible.” 


“I am constantly looking at how we can streamline processes and how technology, including AI can help in the way we deliver services to clients in the future. Often changes in legislation, even the smallest changes can have a big impact on a client’s business. I love having the opportunity to work in a wide variety of sectors, because the constant changes in those sectors affect our advice and nothing is ever really standing still. 

One of the main challenges currently is the lack of resources in HMRC. This means that we are sometimes struggling to get quick outcomes for clients. Having experience of having worked in HMRC means that we are always there to support our clients in the best way and chase HMRC on their behalf. We place a lot of emphasis on communication with our clients, giving them updates and setting realistic expectations as far as HMRC are concerned.” 


“I like working with the public sector and the not-for-profit sector. For example, when we support a university or NHS Board, if we increase their VAT recovery, then that money will support their other activities; you feel like it’s benefiting society when advising them. With Charities and the Not-for-Profit sector, you’ve got that wider community benefit to what you’re doing as well.” 


“The Indirect Tax team work closely together to support all our clients. We also work with other AAB teams such as International Tax, Corporate Finance and Business Advisory.  

I really enjoy leading the team and keeping the team together has ensured consistency for clients. Using the unique strengths of different team members to solve each individual client’s problems is what I really enjoy about my leadership role. I think that I bring a calmness to the team and to interactions with clients. I have a willingness to roll my sleeves up, embrace complex problems and find a solution for the client.”  

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