Audit Assistant Manager


Who I help

Owner-managed businesses and subsidiaries of global groups

How I help

Delivering audit & assurance services


Not for Profit. Public Sector. Energy. Family Business.

“Building a professional & trusting relationship is essential for any successful project.”

Alex Brown is an Audit Assistant Manager based in our Edinburgh office. Her role involves the planning and delivery of high-quality audit and assurance services for her clients. This requires guiding the team through the audit to ensure all parties involved can meet the agreed or statutory deadlines. Alex also assists advising her clients on ways to improve their internal processes which result in a smooth audit engagement.

Alex was recently appointed as a trustee of AABIE, our charitable initiative here at AAB. Through the work we’re able to do, and the charities we support through AABIE, we give back to the local communities we operate in. As a trustee, Alex builds relationships with charitable organisations across the central belt and supports the AABIE board to ensure we’re meeting our aims by supporting local communities in any way we can.

Delivering value through audit

“The first step of ensuring a successful audit engagement is to build a professional and trusting relationship with our clients which is essential for any successful project. When we’ve established that, it makes all the other parts of the engagement easier. Communication is key when delivering any service to clients, but especially audits.

Having a good relationship with clients means that we can get to know each other, and we have mutual trust and respect. My clients know they can pick up the phone at any time to ask questions, and that we have their best interest as a priority. It also allows us to be able to have clear communications about complex areas we may come across during the audit, and work together to overcome any obstacles.

When we have these all-important relationships with clients, the expectations of all parties are clearly outlined. They know we’ll deliver a high-quality service within the agreed timescales, that will add value to their business, and provide them with insight to help their business progress and grow.”

Sharing knowledge & experience

“An important part of my role as an Assistant Manager is working with the wider team. This is one of my favourite parts of my role as it enables me to share my experience and knowledge with others while learning from them as well.

There’s invaluable insight to be gained from having a culture where everyone in the team can learn from each other and share their experiences. This is so true of AAB and applies to every member of our company, regardless of department or stage of their career. The knowledge and insight I’ve gained during my time at AAB has been instrumental in helping me to develop and progress in my role.”

Technology aids our delivery

“We have the advancements in technology to thank for allowing us to make our audit processes more efficient. It has helped us to streamline processes, and better organise documentation and information that we receive. It has also assisted with the two-way communication required of the audit team and client during the audit engagement.

However, face to face interactions and a hands-on approach will always have its place. It’s helpful when we’re building relationships with clients and trying to fully understand businesses and processes. That’s not to say however, that there isn’t a time and place for virtual interactions, as we can have more efficient communication with clients. That said, getting around a table and speaking to clients face to face is always going to be my preferred option.”

Organisation is key

“There are times where we’re working to several deadlines and juggling numerous tasks across different projects. Our priority is to deliver a high-quality service every time, therefore busy periods can be challenging to manage. However, to ensure my team can meet a deadline and complete projects, I believe that organisation is key.

I pride myself on being organised in all walks of life, but in terms of my profession, I spend time on developing and communicating a plan of action for the audit to both my clients and my team. This ensures we are all working towards a common goal and are aware of deadlines in place. Everyone involved in the process is important, so being transparent and discussing this with them is crucial when working as a team. In turn, this helps me to prioritise and ensure deadlines are met, and that clients receive the 5-star service they deserve.”

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