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Nicola Rollings is a Senior Manager within our Restructuring and Recovery team and a qualified insolvency practitioner. Based in Aberdeen, her role is to oversee the management of a varied portfolio of corporate and personal cases. Nicola gives advice to directors, shareholders and individuals who find themselves in difficult circumstances, trying to secure the best outcome possible for everyone concerned. She also provides advice on exit strategies for solvent businesses and assists creditors with debt recovery. 

Highly experienced, Nicola is hardworking and a problem solver. But she says she wouldn’t be anywhere without having good people skills and a natural sense of empathy. She’s passionate about her role and enjoys providing training and support to the team while watching them develop and grow. 


“When people come to me, I know they expect to work with someone who is qualified and has the experience to help them. But I also see myself as a problem solver. I might not be able to perform miracles, but I can help come up with the best solution to their problem, using all the tools that I have available to help them. I’m really quite a driven person. I push myself and the team forward, always looking for ways we can grow and improve. Ultimately I’m just here to help people who are going through difficult times find the best way forward.” 


“In my role, I have to take a completely balanced approach to every situation. Be impartial and non-judgemental. However, it’s crucial I can be supportive and show empathy too.  

When someone is going through a really challenging time, I have to understand the situation and I am always sympathetic to everything that they’re going through. It’s never easy, but meeting people and being able to help them is one aspect of my job I would never change. That’s the bit I like the best.” 


“Some parts of my job are really difficult, and I think one of the biggest challenges is trying not to get too emotionally involved. There might be times when we have to make employees redundant, or in personal cases where a debtor might have to sell their home. That’s very hard to deal with – you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t affected by things like that.  

That’s why I wish people wouldn’t see what I do as a last resort. They normally come to me too late and that’s a shame because if they’d spoken to me earlier, there might have been more options on the table.” 


“Although there are aspects of my job which can be quite challenging, I find the work I do really rewarding, and one situation really sticks in my mind. I worked with one director who was having problems with his company, and he looked so stressed. He decided to place the company into liquidation, but after I’d sorted everything out, he sent me a letter thanking me for the way I’d handled the situation – and for helping him through a difficult time in his life.  

That letter was lovely to receive. But even better, I met him a few years later and he looked so much happier and more relaxed. That transformation was incredible to see, and it made me realise that I had helped to make a positive difference in his life. That’s a good feeling.” 

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