Business Advisory Services Manager



Start-ups. Long established businesses. Sole traders. Limited companies.


Annual accounts. Management accounts. Personal tax. Corporation tax. VAT. Business planning.


Business Services. Leisure, Retail & Hospitality. Construction & Property.


Nathan Magee is a Business Advisory Services Manager based in our Mallusk office. Within the firm, Nathan co-ordinates the team and helps drive the business forward. As a client relationship manager for a diverse portfolio of clients, he aims to not only meet clients’ needs, but exceed their expectations. Whether that be when providing general compliance work or advice on annual accounts, management accounts, personal tax, corporation tax, VAT and business planning.

Respect, trust & honesty

“An ideal client relationship is one of mutual respect and trust. Client relationships are more than just meeting deadlines – I focus on investing time into getting to know my clients to strengthen the connection, so that I am in the best position to add value to their business. Clients can always expect me to provide honest advice and transparent insights. Co-operation and regular and effective communication are essential in establishing a trustworthy relationship and ensuring clients achieve their goals and objectives.”

Passionate about adding value

“There’s no greater satisfaction than being part of our clients’ success journeys, helping them achieve their business aspirations and seeing their businesses grow and thrive.

We’re passionate about adding value. Accountants are often seen as boring number-crunchers, but the reality is that we care about a lot more than just the numbers, it’s truly the people and businesses behind the numbers that bring them to life and make a real difference.”

Challenging the status quo

“I believe the greatest value and subsequently growth comes when we ask the tough questions.  It may not always be comfortable, but as my clients’ business advisor, it’s important that I challenge them to ensure they have the best possible advice and as a result, the best outcome. When delivering solutions to my clients, my approach is always to look at the bigger picture and be forward-thinking. Although relationships work two ways, so just as I am not afraid to challenge my clients, I welcome difficult questions from them too.”

A client centric approach

“Clients are the core of our business. We seek to provide our clients with a service that lasts a lifetime, throughout their business lifecycle, or individual financial future. If I don’t have the answer to a question, I’ll find the person who does. The AAB Group has a multifaceted pool of talented and knowledgeable team members. Working with these individuals across our locations gives me the assurance and confidence that there will always be someone within reach who can help when a client presents a problem that is outside of my expertise. This instils confidence in our clients that we are capable of helping them tackle any challenge they might face and achieve their goals.

Technology facilitates our ability to collaborate with colleagues across the Group. As a tech-enabled business, we aim to take advantage of the efficiencies available, whilst maintaining the importance of providing a personal experience. As a team, we work together to meet clients’ needs, whatever their preferences are. I regularly meet with clients virtually online and in person.”

Not at the end of our growth journey yet

“Personally, I’m excited to see where my career will progress to next.  In the short time I’ve been with FPM, I’ve already experienced tremendous growth and development. And I don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

It has also been enthusing to witness the Group’s growth within the last few years.  I’ve no doubt the future holds further growth and I’m excited to be a part of this journey and see what new opportunities it will bring.”


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