Restructuring & Recovery Assistant Manager 



Companies. Creditors. Individuals.  


Corporate Insolvency. Personal Insolvency. Members’ Voluntary Liquidations. Debt Recovery. Restructuring and Business Rescue. 


All sectors. 


Emma Greenwood is an Assistant Manager in our Restructuring team, administering and managing both corporate and personal insolvencies. 

Based in our Edinburgh office, Emma assists from the stage of initial contact to the closure of the case, liaising with and assisting all stakeholders including directors, shareholders, lenders, creditors and employees.  

Emma’s varied role sees her help businesses and individuals facing financial difficulty, working with them through processes such as corporate or personal insolvencies, debt recovery and business rescue and restructuring.


“Understandably not many clients would want to be in a position where they need to seek assistance due to financial difficulty but ideally, a client will speak to us as soon as they recognise there may be an issue. The sooner the team is involved, the easier it is to find a solution that works for all involved. 

Solutions vary. Directors wish for their business to be saved and employees retained, or an orderly wind up of business affairs. Creditors and lenders want the best return possible and shareholders in an MVL hope for the company assets to be liquidated so funds can be released to them as efficiently as possible.  

Every client is different, and outcomes and ambitions vary, but our primary goal is to alleviate stress and worries no matter what.”


“Inevitably, there are times in a formal insolvency process where there needs to be difficult conversations.  I’m not afraid to have the challenging discussions. It is important to be frank about the reality of a situation whilst maintaining empathy for the position stakeholders may find themselves in. 

I am eager to help those who need it and guide them through difficult situations and I am efficient in bringing a job to its conclusion with the least stress possible for my clients. This role requires flexibility and so I am very adaptable in my approaches to help businesses across sectors to ensure specific requirements are met. 

It is always great when I have been told that I have helped to make a difficult situation less painful and stressful, it makes the job feel worthwhile.” 


“People can be in a really difficult place when working with us, so it is absolutely essential to be compassionate but also pragmatic to find the best possible solution. 

When hearing or reading about insolvencies, its easy for people to think of the negatives of this industry without realising the positives. We are ultimately here to help and the outcome we look for are positive ones such as saving jobs and livelihoods, selling businesses as a going concern and achieving good returns for creditors.  

 The most satisfying aspect of my job is undoubtedly when jobs and businesses are saved, this is the ideal outcome. The team collectively has years of experience, and it is great to see what we can achieve when we all put that experience together.” 

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