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  1. Blog4th Jul 2022

    ‘Fiscal Drag’ pulls more UK Taxpayers into higher rate bands 

    As inflation reaches 9% in the UK, the freeze on the income tax rate bands will inevitably push more taxpayers into higher brackets. It was announced in the Budget last year that the income tax personal allowance and higher rate... Read more

    By Lyndsey Russell

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  2. Blog20th Apr 2022

    The ins and outs of domicile and why it matters

    Newsflash – tax domicile is the new “news”… I suspect that all UK taxpayers, will have recently been interested to learn about how an individual’s domicile position, can significantly affect how much tax they pay in the UK. I am... Read more

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  3. Blog18th Apr 2022

    Self-Assessment – what is it and should you be filing a tax return

    The 2021/22 tax year ended on 5 April 2022 and taxpayers within the Self-Assessment system will have recently received a ‘notice to file’ letter from HMRC.   

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  4. Blog24th Mar 2022

    Spring Statement 2022 Updates

    ‘A new culture of enterprise’ was one of the headings in the Chancellor’s 2022 Spring Statement. It went on to say that improving productivity is the only way to deliver sustainable economic growth and increase living standards. The statement then... Read more

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  5. Blog11th Mar 2022

    Tier 1 Investor Visas officially scrapped!

    Priti Patel announced last month that the commonly known “golden visa” is officially scrapped with immediate effect, therefore preventing any new applicants.  

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  6. Blog9th Mar 2022

    How is my crypto taxed? Surprising answers for UK residents and non-doms

    In the increasingly digital world we live in, HMRC are simultaneously trying to keep up with, and crack down on, new ways of avoiding tax. Of particular significance, is the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency market, often making headlines for mind-blowing returns... Read more

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  7. Case Study2nd Mar 2022

    International acquisition of privately owned UK business

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  8. Blog24th Feb 2022

    Crypto Assets? HMRC have their eye on you…

    Cryptocurrency and crypto assets are increasingly becoming a common investment opportunity for many individuals and businesses. Whilst most investors will be ‘testing the water’ with any gains arising from the Capital Gains Tax ‘CGT’ annual exempt amount of £12,300 each... Read more

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  9. Blog14th Feb 2022

    Working from Home – will the tax relief be axed?

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, workers across the country have been required to work from home due to national lockdowns and to curb the spread of coronavirus. As a result, and to help with the cost of increased household expenses, the... Read more

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