Who I help

High net-worth individuals. International clients. Business owners, families & related trust structures.

How I help

Bespoke tax advisory projects. Advising on many issues, such as residence, domicile, succession planning, restructuring. Helping clients who have made tax or disclosure errors.


The International Tax team and Tax Investigations team.

“I make the complex easy to understand.”

As a Senior Manager within our Private Client team, Tom Andrew specialises in undertaking bespoke tax advisory projects for a wide range of clients, from advising internationally-mobile executives on residence and domicile issues to advising family businesses on succession planning and restructuring.

Tom also helps clients who may have made errors in making thorough disclosures of any underpaid tax to HMRC, whilst seeking to minimise any financial penalties. He is a member of our International Tax team, as well as our Tax Investigations team.


“For me, the ideal relationship with a client would be one that is long-term, in-depth, and trusting. Clients expect me to be accurate and to provide them with timely advice. However, they also expect me to have a deep appreciation of their specific circumstances – and to be a friendly face they can turn to.”


“One of the most satisfying parts of working with our clients is being able to see the impact of our advice – whether that is a child or grandchild buying their first house following a gift made as part of an Inheritance Tax strategy, or helping a client to realise their retirement plans by passing the family business onto the next generation.”


“I get a great deal of satisfaction working with my talented and enthusiastic colleagues too. They offer a range of diverse viewpoints, helping me to explore solutions for clients from multiple angles. In particular, we have some fantastic junior team members coming through at the moment, and it’s a pleasure to help support them in progressing their careers.”


“Through virtual meetings, we’ve been able to meet so many more of our clients than we ever could have done previously, in particular when they’re based all around the world. However, I will always have a preference for meeting clients face-to-face where possible for a coffee and a chat to see how I can help them achieve their goals.”


“With the volume of information HMRC is now receiving via information-sharing agreements, we have seen a significant increase in the number of enquiries and ‘nudge letters’ issued to taxpayers where they believe income or gains haven’t been fully declared. Going through an enquiry or disclosure process can often be a stressful experience for clients, and our job – as well as ensuring their tax affairs are correct – is to help minimise their stress as far as possible and negotiate a fair settlement with HMRC or set out why no further tax is due. We have a very strong track record on dealing with enquiries and disclosures, and it’s always better to cooperate with HMRC than ignore correspondence, so do get in touch if you’d like our support.”


“As someone with a specialism in International Tax, the wealth of opportunities provided by remote working excites me. Unfortunately, it won’t be me that is jetting off to Spain or Australia any time soon(!), but we’re helping more clients to navigate the tax challenges of relocation than we ever have before.”


“Clients are definitely our passion at Sagars. Each client’s circumstances are unique – it’s important to spend time getting to know our clients on a personal level and understand their goals, both short-term and long-term. As a firm, we’re great at building longstanding relationships with clients, and I believe it is due to this ethos of making client service a core value throughout the Group.”


“I spend a lot of time reading through recent tax cases and guidance to ensure I have a breadth of knowledge that I can bring to service my clients. 

Often, a key differential in our advice is the ability to recall niche areas of tax legislation that may have a fundamental impact on the recommended course of action – that can only be achieved by continuously putting time into professional development and having a genuine interest in the work we do.”


“The greatest compliment I’ve received from a client that sticks out in my mind was a client thanking me for an excellent meeting. Whilst that would always be a rewarding piece of feedback, in this particular case it came towards the end of a highly complex disclosure to HMRC with potentially significant sums of tax at stake. The key takeaway for me was that our client felt I had explained these complexities and our assessment of the position in such a way that they were able to understand the technical points and subsequently agree with the proposed approach.”


“I think many people in the general public view tax advisers as actively facilitating aggressive tax avoidance via various schemes when in reality the majority of tax advisers encourage co-operation with HMRC and ensure any planning put into place for clients is within the spirit of the law. The UK tax system is one of the most complex in the world, and a large part of our job is helping clients to understand these complexities so they can make important decisions without unwittingly creating a significant tax burden for themselves.”

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