High Net Worth Individuals. Globally Mobile Individuals. UK Expats. Individuals Moving to and from the UK. UK and Non-UK Domiciled Individuals. 


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International Tax Advice. Tax Investigations. 


Carol is a Senior Manager in our Private Client Tax team, specialising in international private client tax whilst also working across the broader team.  

Based in our Aberdeen office, Carol provides advisory and compliance support to internationally mobile individuals who are coming to or leaving the UK or are UK non-domicile. 

Carol is also a member of our Tax Investigations team, working with individuals who need to make a formal disclosure to HMRC to bring their tax affairs up to date in relation to UK or Overseas income.  


“The key to my role and my successful client relationships is transparency. It is a very personal service we offer, and clients need to feel comfortable being honest with us, whether that means providing us with all their information, or feeling comfortable enough to ask us questions, so it is important to build that meaningful relationship.  

I don’t want to just speak to my clients on the run up to their annual tax deadline. I like to keep in touch throughout the year, checking in on how they are and seeing if we can help them with any advisory work. Life takes twists and turns so it is always good to check in, see if circumstances have changed and if I or anyone else across AAB can help. At times, personal tax can be a sensitive subject, so I always make sure I provide honest and transparent advice in a timely manner to give my clients peace of mind.” 


“The most rewarding part of the job is going on the journey with clients. We often get introduced to clients when they are still planning that next step, and to be able to go through the milestones with them is really meaningful.  

I think the increased use of tech has also helped us to really take each step with them. A lot of my clients are based overseas, so virtual calls at times that suits them is a good way of still feeling face-to-face, it’s a lot more personal than a phone call. Previously, one of the biggest challenges of my role was having an international client base and not being able to have that face-to-face approach, being tech enabled and our ability to work in a flexible and agile way has broken those barriers down and has allowed for a more personal approach in providing advice to our international clients.  


“And just as we build strong relationships with our clients, we also operate as a close team. We’ve got experts across all the personal tax fields who pass down their technical knowledge to everyone. Its good to know that if you ever need help with something, someone will always be there. I feel I am a key communicator in the team, and I know people feel they can come to me at any time.  

One of the most rewarding parts of the job is mentoring our junior staff and it has been really rewarding to see team members that I welcomed as trainees finish their exams, move on up and begin to specialise in their career  

There is a work hard, play hard culture too. We know that first and foremost our goal is to deliver awesome service to our clients but also to deliver awesome service to each other within the team, we really are a friendly group and its nice to be able to spend time together and unwind together, especially after busy periods.” 

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