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Anyone with a tax issue.


I try to put myself in their shoes, particularly if HMRC are being a “blocker” as opposed to an “enabler”.  On day-to-day work, I try to look for legitimate ways of easing the tax burden on clients, and suggesting opportunities to do that, if I can.


As everyone pays tax, my work cuts across most departments in one way or another.


Seamus McElvanna is a Senior Manager in the Private Client team. Seamus’ main role is to lead the PC tax compliance team who are based in offices across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  This entails reviewing some 1,100 tax returns over the year. The team’s client base comprises the full spectrum of business segments North & South of the Irish Border, from small and medium sized family businesses to large scale incorporations.  Of course, things don’t stop there. He is also often involved in tax planning assignments and because of the team’s geographical location, cross-border issues are often at the centre of this type of work.

Seamus also deals with HMRC personal and corporate enquiries and disclosures.  Seamus’ previous life as an Inspector of Taxes does help with these and it keeps his training all those years ago, alive.

Trust is key

“With client relationships, I believe it’s primarily a question of trust. If a client trusts your opinion and you build up a good relationship with them, if things go wrong – or there is a compliance issue to be addressed – the difficult conversations should not be a deal-breaker with the client.

If the relationship is robust and mutually respectful, we can tackle most if not all stress points that can occur in life.  I would say I am not afraid to defend my clients (with HMRC if it is justifiable) and go the extra mile to settle matters; not always easy in fairness.

My clients expect me to get their tax affairs correct in an efficient manner and give value for money.  To also be on the lookout for planning issues that may arise down the line and communicate with them accordingly.”

A positive impact

“The most satisfying aspect of the work I do is seeing a planning piece go well – keeping as much of a family/business wealth intact for the benefit of the owners and their successors. As part of my role, I also really enjoy seeing my team colleagues develop, grow and progress in their career.”

A Tech-enabled approach

“We need good tech support; we also need technically sound staff.  I like the technical research required within tax and also seeing the results of that in person when it goes well for the client.  So I’d say the key is really to strike a balance between embracing technology yet still keeping the human touch.”

Team spirit

“There is nothing is more important than our people. As a firm, AAB supports this value and offers opportunities for everyone to develop their skills and experience.  I take pride in this culture of respect and openness we have cultivated, encouraging individuals to give of their best.

With AAB on a growth journey to being a market disruptor, I am the most excited about working across a large and diverse team with people who have a myriad of skills and knowledge.  I believe there is very little that the wider AAB team cannot take on.”

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