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How will your tax liability on your income and assets be affected in different jurisdictions? Our specialists will use their worldwide access to local tax knowledge to make understanding and managing your international tax easier. 

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  • Non UK residents with UK income and assets. UK Outbounds. UK Inbounds. UK residents with overseas income and assets. Non UK Domiciled individuals.

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  • UK and overseas Tax Reporting and compliance. tax residence status. capital gains tax planning. inheritance tax planning. tax mitigation strategies. hmrc enquiries. Domicile Review. Jurisdiction tax comparisons.

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Managing the worldwide tax exposure on your income, assets and pensions across different jurisdictions can be challenging – but not when you have the support of our specialist International Private Client specialists. With many years’ experience of advising globally mobile workers, business owners and high net worth individuals, we can clarify your tax situation and structure it for maximum efficiency. 

 As well as ensuring your tax compliance in all the relevant jurisdictions, we focus on longer term tax planning, taking full advantage of Double Tax Treaties with other countries to provide realistic tax mitigation strategies. We achieve this by working with a global network of trusted partners, to provide a successful holistic approach to all aspects of your global tax. 


Recommendations and referrals from satisfied clients ensure we are continually expanding our specialist cross-border advice service, supporting people from many varied backgrounds and situations, either relocating to an overseas country, or arriving in the UK from abroad. 

Our dedicated international tax resource will quickly respond to your needs and be proactive in offering you advice and alerting you to rule changes that could affect your tax. We’ll support you with a comprehensive range of international tax and planning services, including: 

  • UK tax reporting and compliance for non-UK residents 
  • Partner-assisted overseas tax compliance and consulting 
  • UK residents with international investments or businesses 
  • Tax planning relating to UK and overseas pension extraction 
  • Capital gains tax compliance and consulting on UK property sales 
  • Tax implications of buying and selling property overseas 
  • Minimising the tax payable on assets held in multiple jurisdictions 
  • Residence and domicile consulting. 


We receive many enquiries from UK resident, non-UK resident, or non-domiciled individuals seeking reassurance about the enhanced information-sharing arrangements between governments. The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) has created unprecedented global transparency. In the meantime, there have been a succession of complex changes to the taxation of UK residential property. For those relocating around the world, it has never been more important to obtain accurate and bespoke tax advice. 

If you are a non-UK resident and already own or are looking to buy property in the UK, we’ll explain the UK tax implications, both for purchasing and if you decide to sell later. Stamp duty land tax, capital gains tax, annual tax on enveloped dwellings, income tax and inheritance tax can all be involved. You may also need to comply with additional reporting requirements. We will explain all possible tax consequences, and help you plan for them. 


Whether you are a UK resident or non-domicile for tax purposes will have an impact on the tax you pay and how you pay it. Our page on Tax Residence and Domicile explains the UK Statutory Residence Test and gives more details on ascertaining your tax residency status.  

We regularly advise domiciled and non-UK domiciled clients on the most tax efficient vehicles for their personal and business assets. These can involve offshore trusts and companies, although HMRC’s crackdown on tax avoidance means this route must be very carefully navigated. If you’re yet to arrive in the UK, it can be advantageous to restructure your financial affairs first. 


The remittance basis is an alternative tax treatment available to individuals who are resident but not domiciled in the UK and have foreign income and gains. Remittance basis is not available if you are deemed domicile in the UK.  

Using the remittance basis means you pay UK tax on UK income and gains for the relevant tax year, but you’re only liable to pay UK tax on foreign income and foreign gains that you bring or remit to the UK. Again, the rules are complicated, but the remittance basis is useful as it can help you ring fence overseas income and gains from UK tax liabilities. 

We can advise on how this affects you, and suggest other ways to mitigate tax, such as benefiting from tax relief by using remittances to invest in a UK business. 

  • AAB's private client tax team deliver clear advice in understandable terms so we can appreciate how effective planning can lead to benefits for the whole family. They have taken away the worry and doubt for us.

    Alex Wiseman

  • I contemplated transferring my business to a limited company and I knew I could rely on AAB to make the process as straightforward as possible whilst providing the accounts and tax advice to enable me to make the right decision.

    Colin Brown

  • The efforts of the team ensured that timely planning could be undertaken to the overall benefit of my family. AAB clearly demonstrated their expertise here and proved why it is always worth getting the best professionals on the job!

    Keith Fletcher

  • We have an excellent relationship with AAB formed over 7+ years. Their accounts and tax compliance services are thorough and efficient, and the specialist tax planning advice we have received has been first class.

    Stanley & Evelyn Morrice

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