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  1. Blog18th Sep 2023

    Claire Smith, Restructuring & Recovery Manager who wrote a blog about members voluntary liquidation

    What Does Members Voluntary Liquidation mean?

    It can be a daunting time for business owners closing down a solvent business. Owners are used to having full control and dealing with all business matters, therefore understandably, we are asked many questions before and during the process of…

    By Claire Smith 

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  2. Blog7th Dec 2022

    Professional headshot of woman

    Court-sanctioned SME Restructuring Plan imposes cram down of HMRC preferential debt

    The High Court in London recently sanctioned a Restructuring Plan for Houst Limited despite opposition from HMRC, one of the company’s major creditors. Our Restructuring team explains the significance of the case. Restructuring Plans were introduced as a Business Recovery…

    By Nicola Rollings

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  3. Case Study12th May 2022


    Charity benefits from real-time financial information

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  4. Case Study19th Apr 2022

    Woman sat at desk smiling

    Norwegian Group setting up in UK outsource accounting

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  5. Blog2nd Dec 2021

    Withdrawal of temporary insolvency winding up measures

    A number of temporary measures and restrictions on creditors were implemented by the UK government at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic in order to prevent businesses being forced into insolvency due to the impact of various lockdowns and social…

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  6. Case Study19th Nov 2021

    Construction company restructures for future

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  7. Case Study17th Nov 2021


    Compliance cost saving for international company after restructure

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  8. Case Study27th Aug 2021

    succession plan

    Succession plan for Oil & Gas Tech company

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  9. Case Study29th Jul 2021

    property developer

    Property developer growth sparks restructure

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  10. Case Study22nd Jul 2020

    US window covering company expands to UK market

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  11. Blog21st Jul 2020

    Where Professional Services Firms Should be Focusing Their Efforts as Lockdown Eases

    Although not directly impacted in the same way as businesses in the retail, leisure and hospitality industries, the legal sector and other professional services sectors have found that COVID-19 has triggered challenging market conditions. A recent survey suggests that revenues…

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  12. Blog10th Jun 2020

    Restructuring & Recovering for the Future

    The impact of COVID-19 on the economy is likely to be long lasting. The UK economy contracted by 2% in the first quarter of the year and analysts expect the figure to be worse for the second quarter as lockdown continues. The Scottish and UK…

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