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Claire Smith is a restructuring manager, based in our Aberdeen office. Claire’s main role is to manage our case load of Members Voluntary Liquidations (MVLs). This means project managing solvent business closures to get assets back to the shareholders in a tax efficient manner, and ensure all relevant authorities are satisfied the business can be dissolved. 

In addition to this, Claire also works closely with our consulting business in one of their client contracts, by offering strategic business advice to start ups in Scotland.  

Prior to joining the specialist restructuring team Claire gained several years’ experience in corporate finance, meaning she has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share and is why she often works with other teams across the business.  


“One of the key ways I help clients is to ensure that their company is closed down according to the legislation and project manage the process from start to finish, ensuring shareholders are kept up to date with progress along the way. Because of the nature of this work we strive to provide clients with a clear overview of our (and their) responsibilities, expectations, and timescales. To do this we look for open lines of communication, so that we can always deliver the best service to them.

In my role there are some external factors / delays which can influence the progress of the projects, I believe I am direct and honest whilst remaining respectful and professional in dealing with these challenges. Good communication with clients is paramount. I’d also like to think I am open and versatile, which I think are key skills in being able to deliver for my clients and work with colleagues alike.  


“Across our business we have so many specialists across multiple areas. This means that there is always someone who can help a client, and it is great knowing that if I don’t know the answer to a query, there will be someone within our wider team who can.

“The nature of our cases means that we work with many of the teams and our colleagues across the business. For example, MVL referrals can come from internal or external. Internal can be from anywhere in the group, so I could be working with new people in AAB. If it’s an AAB client, we typically work with the tax teams across the office, as well as audit, business advisory and the wider corporate finance team.

Delivering a team approach to client service, is always rewarding, no matter what the service is. I am very much a team player, and I also really enjoy meeting new people and learning new things, so being able to reflect this in my role is really satisfying.” 


“Over the years, one of the most regular pieces of feedback clients have given me direct is “thanks for listening” and I think this is a great compliment and the importance of listening to our clients can’t be underestimated. 

I also believe this is equally important for our colleagues too. Having recently moved into the restructuring side of the business, it is sometimes perceived that all we do is close businesses down, which is not a true reflection of what we do. There is a broad range of services that we can provide, and at the heart of this is helping our clients which can be in so many ways (e.g. Strategic options review, Company wind down support, Advice to Directors on their duties in solvent and insolvent situations, accelerated M&A…). 

I mentioned that I am a good communicator, so I’d happily tell anyone about these other, perhaps lesser known, areas of our work!”  

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