Restructuring & Recovery Senior Manager 



Company directors and business owners, creditors seeking to recover sums owed to them by struggling businesses, and individuals seeking advice on personal financial matters.


Providing advice on all forms of corporate insolvency, members’ voluntary liquidations, optimised exit strategies, and personal insolvency.


Across all sectors of the economy.


Steven Rodden is a Senior Manager in the Restructuring and Recovery team, based in our Glasgow office. Steven oversees and manages a diverse portfolio of corporate and personal assignments, specialising in solvent liquidations and optimised exit strategies for stakeholders, advising them on bespoke options for their challenges or goals, setting out the best advice, implementing agreed strategies, and navigating them through their chosen pathway from beginning to end.

Steven provides advice to directors, shareholders, and individuals who find themselves in difficult circumstances with their personal finances. With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, Steven is a problem solver and strives to provide pragmatic and tailored solutions for stakeholders in any given circumstance.

Building strong relationships

“My idea of a good client relationship is one that is open, frank, and where a clear two-way communication exists. My role is to solve a problem for a client, and this is also the aspect of my job that I find the most satisfaction in. Understanding the problem is often the first step to solving it so naturally, it is important to me to build a strong trusting relationship with my clients so that the services I provide are tailored and suited to their needs and circumstances.”

A tailored approach

“As AAB is a tech-enabled business, I take a pragmatic approach to strike the balance between virtual and ‘hands-on’ routes to working with clients. Technology has no doubt changed the way we work, giving us a greater variety of options to improve the service we offer. The correct approach will vary depending on the client’s needs, their priorities, and, in some cases, their physical location. I am delighted to be able to offer clients both virtual and ‘hands-on’ solutions, making the client’s access to the best advice and best services as convenient and appropriate as their specific circumstances require. At AAB, we recognise that there are conversations clients want to have face-to-face and that there are times clients want to be able to engage with us while on the move.”

The greatest compliment

“The greatest compliment a client can pay me is coming back to seek more advice or services or referring their contacts who are seeking advice or services. Seeing clients come back or give referrals is no greater sign that the service I have provided has been valued and appreciated, and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing this and knowing the advice and support I’ve given has truly made a difference.”

My strengths

“I’d say the greatest strength I bring to the table is a combination of diligence, expertise, tenacity, and hard work. I believe that with these qualities there is not a challenge that a client can present that can’t be resolved to their satisfaction.

Without tenacity and hard work, diligence and expertise can’t be put into an effective, focussed action to reach our clients’ goals. Similarly, without diligence and expertise in our field, hard work and tenacity aren’t properly directed to attend to the complex challenges our clients face.”

Managing expectations

“The greatest challenge associated with a restructuring or debt advisory assignment is managing stakeholders’ expectations.  At AAB, we ensure that we understand the goals and concerns of the stakeholders and clients from the outset. Clear and straightforward communications with stakeholders and clients enable us to formulate a plan to realise client’s objectives, and to foresee and understand the challenges we might encounter together on that journey.’’

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