Construction company restructures for future

Our Client 

A successful privately owned UK construction business with an ageing senior team of managers and directors who retained all company knowledge and held key relationships with customers/suppliers. Some members of the senior team (also shareholders) expressed their wish to retire in the medium term, but with neglect of business / future planning, AAB worked with them to develop a succession plan. 

Our Approach 

  • Held meetings with key senior team members to review current business and practices 
  • Facilitated a Succession Planning Workshop to open up communication of future aspirations, concerns and ideas 
  • Created a structure for planning for the future, including succession planning and strategies for external recruitment 
  • Addressed shareholder retirement possibilities through share valuation to determine the value of the business prior to planned exit 
  • Provided specialist tax advice on share restructuring based on the timelines and outcomes determined by the succession plan 
  • Provided a plan to successfully restructure the shares in the most tax efficient manner 

The Outcome 

  • Independent business review and project management provided a plan to successfully restructure the shares in the most tax efficient manner  
  • Business strategy tools to be used in succession planning and internal / external communication 
  • Provided a structure for management continuity and succession throughout a period of senior team retirement 
  • Introduced a system that decreases business reliance and exposure to the external recruitment market 
  • Promoted improved and open communication amongst the senior team 
  • Improved efficiencies in internal processes 
  • Added value, sustainability and longevity to the business 

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