Business Development Manager



All sizes of businesses and individuals who have any kind of financial difficulties. Also assists creditors and creditors agents in the recovery of outstanding debts at no cost to the clients.


Recovery and Business Rescue, all types of Insolvency Advice and introductions to help with Scottish Debt Recovery, assistance with Re-Financing and Raising Funds and Capital.


All sectors covered.


Jim Warnock is a Business Development Manager with 30 years experience based in the Edinburgh office but covers all of Scotland. Jim’s main responsibility within the Restructuring & Recovery department is to establish working relationships with other professionals, accountants, solicitors and trade associations, and debt collection agents to help them and their clients with any financial difficulties they may have.

As a non-accountant, and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute Of Credit Management with many years of experience in industry and all levels of financial services throughout the UK, Jim works to provide the best possible service to clients and any external contacts to help resolve any kind of financial issues they may have to allow them to continue moving their business forward.

Jim specialises in recovery, insolvency, debt recovery, assistance and guidance with re-financing, raising funds, and all other types of financial assistance. Jim also works with all levels of business owners and managers.

Problem Solving

“My ideal client relationship would be one where mutual respect and trust exist. Clients need to be able to trust you and expect practical and relevant answers, support, and solutions from me, so I strive to really understand their situation and the business to provide the best service tailored to their needs. Throughout the whole process, I am there to support the client, to handle the process and to ensure that everyone is on the same page and the client is satisfied and comfortable with the process.

My role primarily involves a lot of problem solving which I really enjoy. The most satisfying aspect of the work I do is finding solutions quickly and effectively, knowing that my advice or support has been effective and has resolved the issues that have been causing the client problems.”

Straight Talking

“I am unique in the Scottish marketplace for the free services that I provide and am well known for being trustworthy, direct, honest, straight to the point, and able to relate to all levels of clients. I provide impartial advice that is best for the business I am dealing with in a way that they can understand and appreciate.

I’d say the strengths I bring to the table are my individuality, the breadth of my industry experience and knowledge in different sectors, my extensive professional network, and the relationships I have built over 30 years with all levels of businesses all over the UK.”

Trust & Respect

“Trust and respect are important qualities for me and any firm to have and to be able to have a diverse and flexible team can make a difference when supporting clients and their view of their future.

It is now more important than ever before that clients have one point of contact for all their financial needs and at AAB, we can support that with quality service, solutions, and answers.”

The challenges

“The greatest challenge is getting the message out that the sooner we are brought into any difficult situation, the more options we will have to find a solution and potentially save the business.

Additionally, a main concern about the way my profession is perceived is that business owners and their advisors often hold off speaking to us as they think that once they speak to recovery and Insolvency specialists that that’s the end and they will lose their business. However, nothing is further from the truth, the earlier we are introduced to any situation the more chance we have to find solutions. And on top of this, the initial advice we give is free of charge so I really think it’s something business owners can take advantage of and benefit from.

There’s a lot of free advice and help out there, you just need to ask.”

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