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Accessing dependable, efficient and expert business services can be a huge drain on finances for start-ups  and SMEs. Our Outsourced Business Services provide an affordable, flexible and added value alternatives. 

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As a start-up or SME, there will be times when you need extra skills – to deal with a surge in business, for a new project or pitch or because you’re all already working flat-out. Yet you don’t have the time or can’t justify or afford the expense of recruiting more people.  

For all these situations, the answer is our outsourced business services. You gain from access to our highly talented, experienced and resourceful people, who will bring their knowledge and a fresh insight for the period you require. Our outsourced business services cover all the areas described below and you can benefit from them individually or in any combination to suit you. 


Look at the breadth of sectors we serve and services we offer at AAB; that’s the expertise you can tap into, whenever you need it, with our secondments and project support. This gives you the opportunity to add extra capacity, wider experience and a new outlook, without the long-term commitment or costs involved with recruiting. 

You’ll benefit from the skills and specialist knowledge of individuals who will quickly integrate with your business and your way of working, whilst sharing their own best practice. It’s a very cost-effective way to ensure you can handle specific workloads with confidence. Our clients also find that introducing new people to their team adds as a stimulus, so projects can be tackled with renewed confidence and enthusiasm. 

Please note that the FRC’s Ethical Standards prohibit loan staff arrangements from your statutory auditor, even on a short-term basis. Assuming we don’t provide that service to you, we can quickly second our people to suit your requirements. 


Keeping track of your finances and staying up to date with your bookkeeping are both essential, but if you’re short-staffed or better information with cost-efficiency, then consider our Cloud Accounting service. 

Cloud accounting takes your bookkeeping, transactions and business bank data online and integrates it seamlessly with easy to use software. It gives you instant 24/7 visibility of your financial status, income and expenditure. Our service automatically updates the software to the latest version, backs up your data frequently and protects it with effective encrypted security. 

With many automated functions, such as entering data from your bank to your books, you save time and money, with improved accuracy. You can also benefit from features such as management reporting for valuable insights. As a Xero Platinum Partner and a Quickbooks Certified Advisor practice, we handle the whole transition, including any training and post-implementation support your require. 


Our Virtual Finance Function (VFF) incorporates all the benefits of Cloud Accounting and goes even further, adding access to financial specialists that can help guide your business  whenever you want their support.  

It’s a highly cost-effective way to benefit from expert knowledge and advice, without the considerable expense of having to recruit high calibre, extensively experienced employees. You can run your business with a smaller finance team or no finance team at all, and if you’re a start-up, it could avoid having to give up equity to attract key finance staff. 

We’ll select appropriate VFF applications to integrate with your existing system, implement and test the service, and explain all its rich features. Although your solution will be bespoke, all our VFF services are designed for easy, user-friendly access, so your people will pick it up in no time. 


Ensuring your employees are paid correctly and on time, and that their taxes are right, is a time-consuming burden. Our innovative API technology links directly to both your HR and finance systems, to deliver cost-efficiency and substantial time savings. 

We offer the choice of tailored or fully-managed payroll solutions and, if you have employees working internationally, a global payroll service that can cover six continents and ensure you are compliant in every country where you operate. 

Recruiting, managing and retaining your staff is complex and often costly. If you have a modest HR team, they can find it hard to address all the many employment issues in a timely manner. Our employment experts will provide the detailed knowledge and resources to handle aspects such as working status (on or off-payroll), taxes, benefits and global mobility, with reassuring efficiency. 

We’ll ease your workload, ensure compliance in the UK and globally and help you keep your employees motivated and satisfied, with cost-effective support from our specialist employment team. 

  • AAB's expertise in the complex topic of Disguised Remuneration and Employment Related Security legislation allowed the various tax implications of our company share incentive plan to be identified and gain approval from HMRC.

    Alan Pearson, Tendek

  • The secondment support provided by AAB helped us streamline our accounting processes and enabled us to produce automated management reports from our accounting software. We have seen real benefits in the quality and timeliness of our information.

    Charlie Parker, John Lawrie Group

  • AAB provides us with a comprehensive range of accountancy services and we particularly appreciate the levels of advice and guidance offered in the areas of tax and financial planning.

    Jim Murphy, Forbes Homes Limited

  • AAB helped to build the Workflow Max application around our business needs ensuring that it met the very specific project requirements. From implementation to the present day, AAB have provided all the support and training we need.

    Mark Burntonwood, Director

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