International Groups. AIM Listed Companies. Owner Managed Businesses. Private Equity Backed Businesses and Groups. 


Management Information. Board & Head Office Reporting. Setting and Reporting on KPIs. Process and Transaction Support. Support AIM Listing and Other Listing Authorities.


Exploration & Production. Oil and Gas. Financial Services. Public Sector. Not for Profit. 


Lauren McIlroy is our Virtual Finance Function Partner. She specialises in running virtual finance functions for companies that have a limited or no internal finance function.  

Based in our Aberdeen office, Lauren works extensively with large corporates, international groups and AIM listed companies providing everything a business needs from a finance function. 

Lauren can advise you on a wide range of issues, from process and transaction support, attending board meetings, setting and reporting on KPIs and management information required to report into a head office or to shareholders.  


“I started and qualified in an accountancy practice, then I moved into various roles in industry. When I joined AAB, we realised that there was a real need in our client base to offer a complete virtual finance function that has that mix of finance and commercial experience.  

I’ve worked in various sectors and everyone in the Virtual Finance Function team has this mix of commercial and accounting experience. It’s this experience that is crucial to us being able to really being a true finance function for our clients. It means we’ve sat on both sides of the fence and can offer financial advice but in a truly commercial way.” 


“A great client relationship for me is one where a client really values what I do. I provide them with expert support but want to work hand in hand with them and get really involved in their business. I work with companies where every part of the business works in partnership with finance.  

It’s important for me and the rest of the team is that we provide the best service to our clients and to do this we need to be part of our clients core team. My role isn’t simply a transactional role that many outsourcing companies offer. I provide a complete finance relationship and I need to help clients understand exactly what I can do for them.” 


“It’s really important to me that I understand all the stakeholders in a company and what information they need to either do their jobs better or make better decisions.  

Different people in a business need information for different reasons and I love that variety. It may be information and advice around KPIs, international transactions, IFRS or reporting to a Private Equity firm or investors.” 


“I’m someone who is never happy with the status quo. I’m always pushing forward and looking for improvement, whether that’s more effective ways of doing things, better reporting, or automation for process efficiencies. But it’s never change for change’s sake, it’s about me having the experience to know when change is needed and the benefits it will bring. 

I often work with companies to make sure we get the right financials and structures in place for a future event. That might be a future acquisition, or they’re looking for Private Equity backing. It’s the variety of clients I work with and the help I can give them based on my experience that really motivates me.” 

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