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Internal Audit

An effective internal audit can save your organisation and transform it. Our experienced team will tell you where improvements could and should be made, together with practical advice on how to implement them. 

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  • UK entities. International clients. Public Sector. Social Housing. Education. 

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  • Annual internal audits. Forensic projects. Discovery projects and process improvements. 

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With our comprehensive internal audit services, we can identify and help you address the risks your organisation faces. It might be the feasibility of taking on a major new project, an aspect of your operations that isn’t running smoothly or wanting an independent review of your policies. Our team evaluates all these issues and many more, for all types of organisations across a wide range of sectors. 

You can depend on us to be unbiased, objective and clear. We’re accustomed to working with and reporting to Boards and senior management, understanding their appetite for risk and taking a proactive approach to assessing current and future concerns. All of our work for you will be based on in-depth, thoroughly researched knowledge of your organisation, operations and objectives. 


Led by Andy Shaw, with experience of the role of Head of Internal Audit for many public sector bodies, Higher Education Institutions and charities, our audit and assurance team provides: 

  • Internal Audit Projects – focusing on specific high risk areas of your organisation, or responding to emerging risks. We will help identify these areas and tailor our internal audit fieldwork to address them. 
  • Risk Management Services – helping you develop effective risk management policies and procedures. This typically involves setting up risk workshops with management and Boards, helping you form risk registers and preparing assurance maps that will identify areas of missing or duplicated assurance. 


Two further major strands of our internal audit service are:  

  • Co-sourced Internal Audit Services – where we support your in-house team on joint engagements. This gives you the flexibility to increase capacity and/or access to our specialist expertise, to deliver the annual audit plan whilst still retaining control over audit activities.  
  • Outsourced Internal Audit Services – where we fulfil the role of Head of Internal Audit. This includes forming the risk-based audit plan, conducting fieldwork to address the risks and reporting with our opinion on the effectiveness of your governance and controls. You’ll benefit from an expert resource on a cost-effective basis, with audit plans scaled to reflect your organisation’s risks and budgets. 


If you’re not confident that a key contract is delivering good value or what was agreed, our contract audit services will ascertain whether the other party is delivering on performance and compliance. 

Contract Health Check 

Our review will assess whether or not the contract is operating as intended and that you’re gaining the maximum value from its terms. We’ll assess individual or multiple contracts in detail, to give you an up to date, accurate picture. 

We can also carry out pre-contract audit reviews, so you can be assured that the contract will work as intended and the other party’s systems can produce the required information in an appropriate format. 

Forensic Contract Audit 

We’ll produce a detailed review of your contract terms and conditions with individual suppliers, to ensure compliance. It will focus on key risk areas, such as: 

  • expenditure levels against contract terms 
  • identification of potential compliance issues for risk mitigation purposes 
  • cost effectiveness and 
  • process improvement to make contract compliance more transparent. 
  • AAB's expertise in the complex topic of Disguised Remuneration and Employment Related Security legislation allowed the various tax implications of our company share incentive plan to be identified and gain approval from HMRC.

    Alan Pearson, Tendek

  • The secondment support provided by AAB helped us streamline our accounting processes and enabled us to produce automated management reports from our accounting software. We have seen real benefits in the quality and timeliness of our information.

    Charlie Parker, John Lawrie Group

  • The Corporate Finance team at AAB understood our business and led us towards concluding a tremendous deal. The team at AAB were thorough, proactive and efficient showing command and control of all the key elements of getting a deal done.

    Keith Wallace, EPC Offshore

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