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  1. Blog21st Mar 2022

    Not-for-Profit Sector – Defined Benefit Pension Schemes

    Defined Benefit Pension Schemes may be increasingly rare in wider society but they remain in many not for profit organisations.  

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  2. Case Study27th Jan 2022

    Charity trustees save time by outsourcing finance

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  3. Case Study21st Dec 2021

    Business expansion identifies potential tax issues

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  4. Case Study15th Sep 2021

    Local business sells out to national retailer

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  5. Blog1st Sep 2021

    Data Analytics: the future is already here

    If you type “What is the future of audit?” into Google (other search engines are available) there are a range of themes and opinions evident. One prediction is the break-up of the dominance held by the global audit firms leading…

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  6. Case Study22nd Jul 2021

    National oil company upgrade systems generating savings

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  7. Case Study16th Jul 2021

    Support for company in audit results in minimised tax liabilities

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  8. Blog9th Jun 2021

    Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Framework (SECR) – what you need to know

    If you are UK registered, unquoted, and meet the definition of a large company under the Companies Act 2006, then the directors are now required to report on the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Framework (“SECR”).

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  9. Case Study31st Mar 2021

    annual assurance audit

    Annual assurance audit outsourced for energy company

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  10. Case Study20th May 2020


    Audit reveals VAT issue for manufacturing company

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  11. Blog12th Sep 2019

    Funding Growing Food & Drink businesses

    Fundraising for start-ups or early stage companies has always been a challenging task as anyone who has seen the plucky contestants enter the Dragons’ Den on the hit television programme can agree. However, with a high number of food and…

    By Derek Mair

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  12. Blog5th Mar 2019

    An Uncommon Understanding

    Why not “A Common Understanding”? Well, because when it comes to cost sharing, a common understanding is all too rare.

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