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Fraud Prevention & Investigation

For your organisation’s reputation and financial security, it’s vital you’re protected against fraud and other forms of wrongdoing in the workplace. We’ll reduce the threat of fraud, and if the worst happens, investigate and identify fraudulent activity. 

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    Meet the team

    The team

  • Owner managed businesses. UK entities. Public Sector and Not For Profit Organisations. 

    Who we can help

  • Assisting businesses with counter-fraud strategy to enhance their Corporate Governance.   

    Assist businesses with their compliance with anti-bribery legislation.   

    Provision of anti-fraud awareness training for staff, senior managers and Directors to enhance businesses anti-fraud programmes.   

    Undertaking of prompt, comprehensive and effective fact-finding investigations. 

    How we can help


As certified Fraud Examiners we have a well-proven set of skills for protecting you against fraud. We can enhance your corporate governance framework, giving your organisation a robust and practical defence against fraudulent activities. We’ll also ensure you’re familiar and fully compliant with legislation such as the UK Bribery Act 2010.  

Fraud can sometimes be well-concealed, making it difficult to detect without expert knowledge and skills. Our team has an in-depth understanding the laws concerning fraud. We’ll support you by resolving allegations of fraud, discovering the true facts, detecting the perpetrators and helping you with asset identification and recovery. All our investigations, even the most complex, are confidential, discreet and professional. 


You should already have a programme in place to mitigate against the risk of fraud. But how effective is it?  

Fraud Risk Governance 

It’s essential to establish clearly defined roles and responsibilities in defending against fraud. If they’re not already in place, we’ll help you identify the roles, what they entail and who might be best suited to take responsibility. Knowing who is looking out for what is half the battle. 

Fraud Risk Assessment

We’ll help you identify the most likely sources of fraud, such as a vulnerable business unit or individual(s), probable types of fraud and possible schemes – which could be aimed at harming your reputation, as well as your finances. 


We’ll help you assess and enhance these vital aspects too: 

Fraud Control Activities 

We can design and help you implement effective controls to combat both external and internal fraud, based on our knowledge of your organisation and assessment of potential weaknesses. 

Fraud Risk Management monitoring 

How well is your fraud risk management programme working? Is fraud awareness and training embedded across your organisation? How effective is that training? We can suggest recommended steps to monitor, evaluate and where necessary, enhance your fraud risk management activities.  

  • I instructed AAB to investigate a fraud which had occurred at a remote subsidiary of my institution. They acted promptly and with persistence in researching the financial background, providing me with excellent oral and written reports.

    Director, Charitable Institution

  • The firm's IHT, Trusts and Estates team provided me with highly innovative solutions which produced the exact result that I requested. I asked many, many questions along the way – all of which were ably answered by the team.

    James Thom

  • The reason why we have such a long standing working relationship with AAB is because from the very outset they made a conscious effort to really understand our business. We have always found AAB to be highly professional, competent and skilled.

    John Booth, VSA

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