Fraud & Whistleblowing Senior Manager



Any Private or Public Sector Organisation.  


Whistleblowing Service. Fraud Prevention and Investigation.  


Government. Leisure. Hospitality & Retail. Financial Services. Manufacturing. Food and Drink. Healthcare. Public & Third Sector.  


Sean McAuley is the Senior Manager of our specialist Whistleblowing team, SeeHearSpeakUp. The service gives clients a comprehensive set of safe and secure reporting channels that their employees can access should they have any concerns about unethical behaviour which may be occurring in their organisation. Employees can speak to a trained call handler in confidence, 24/7, 365 days a year.  

Sean’s role is to forge and manage relationships with clients who use the service around the UK and worldwide. He also plays a central role in shaping and growing the business, looking for innovations in its service delivery and ensuring clients receive the services in accordance with their unique service needs.  

Based in Aberdeen, Sean also heads up the firm’s Fraud Prevention and Investigative Service where he advises on policies and procedures and undertakes comprehensive fraud risk assessments to organisations. Sean is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.   


“I worked in local government for more than two decades investigating widespread fraud before AAB asked me to join them and manage the whistleblowing services. I’m an organised, innovative individual with extensive experience both as a counter-fraud manager and in project management. I’m a certified Fraud Investigations Manager and a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) so AAB knew I had all the experience they needed to do a great job for them. Now with the fantastic support of AAB and my team, we have grown the business to the essential service that it is today.”  


“I think I’m quite a dogmatic person. If there’s something I want to do, I will persevere until I get there. But on the other side of the coin, I’m also very approachable and a good communicator. So when I’m dealing with people, I think they warm to me and find me easy to get on with.  

I would also say that I’m loyal – something that I believe is incredibly important in any organisation. Clients need to know that you’re invested. That you’ll still be there when they need you. And they want someone they can trust. It’s all about giving them confidence really.”  


“Although I have extensive experience in fraud and whistleblowing, this is my first role where business development is a fundamental and key area in delivering services. This is why building relationships with our clients is important. I’m open, transparent and ensure that I’m always there for them. And when someone shows an interest in my service, I want to be reactive and give our clients as much useful information as I can to ensure that their services are provided in accordance with their unique service needs. I think in doing that we offer a service that’s discreet, sensitive, professional and really important. And I’m proud of that.”  


“Trust, impartiality, and protection are the three key areas that both define, and are embedded in, our whistleblowing services. We build trust by supporting whistle-blowers with empathy and understanding throughout their journey. Listening to employees without bias and taking no sides in the raising of whistleblowing reports is key to building trust and reflecting our independence and confidentiality. This is why putting time into these key crucial areas ensure we continually improve our services for our clients now and into the future. Having the right resources in place with the right expertise and experience embodied with the right technology will continue to allow SeeHearSpeakUp to grow and thrive, while allowing it to become one of the most valued whistleblowing service providers across the globe.” 

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