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Corporate Tax Returns and other Corporate Compliance. Tax Advice on Company Restructures and Employee Share Schemes. 


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Gregor McCallan is Director of our Corporate Tax team. He handles corporate tax returns and compliance issues for clients across a broad range of sectors – although being based in Aberdeen, much of his work comes from oil and gas companies.  

As a member of our Expertise to Entrepreneurs team, Gregor also gives advice on specialist areas like employee share schemes and company share structures. And if that’s not enough, plays an active role in the Growth team. He’s a person who doesn’t like putting things off. He’ll always push hard to get the job done – and then be ready to move on to the next one.  


“My clients need to know that I’m reliable and can get everything done within tight timescales. That I’ll meet the deadlines. But more than that, trust is a really big thing.  

I want them to know they can always pick up the phone and speak to me – ask me anything they need to. It’s about feeling comfortable with each other. We can have a chat about it. And if I can’t help, I’ll find someone who can.  

The fact that I understand their business definitely helps to build that trust. And if they stay working with me or even ask me to handle their personal tax too, that’s the biggest compliment ever.”  


“No two clients are the same, and that makes every day interesting and different. I work with start-ups who know next to nothing about tax. So if they want to incorporate a new company, rearrange their company structure or introduce employee incentives, I need to explain all the tax implications of doing that. I’ll probably set up a call and chat through all the options with them – then follow it up with a report so they have everything in writing too.  

On the flip side, I work with some companies who are handling complex tax issues all the time, so they probably need less hand-holding. But they always know I’m here if they do have questions.” 


“One of the greatest things for me is speaking to my clients, understanding what they’re trying to do, then being able to see that through to fruition. So, if they’re saying they want to grow the business then sell it – and you can help them do that, it’s incredibly rewarding.  

I think that’s the thing. At AAB, we’re not your typical accountants – and in fact, we don’t even really call ourselves that now. We’re Business Advisers because we do so much more than the standard set of accounts or tax returns. We really do play an important part in our clients’ businesses. And knowing that makes such a difference.”  


“I’m proud that at AAB we’re really good at bringing people through the company. It’s brilliant to see the younger ones start working with us, build up their knowledge and progress. And with all the growth that we’re seeing – moving into new geographical areas and sectors – there are so many opportunities here for everyone.  

I’m involved in helping placements that come in, and I always say to them not to feel daunted. We’ve all been there before and are all incredibly supportive. I’m still learning from my superiors who are always happy to share their knowledge and help me out – I don’t think you always get that.” 

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