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  1. Blog28th Jan 2021

    Is your family business growing? How to incentivise your non-family manager

    As the family business grows, succession can be a challenge. In order to bring the relevant knowledge and expertise to continue to grow the business, it is usually necessary to move to a more “corporate” structure and recruit senior management out with the family. …

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  2. Blog25th Jan 2021

    Trivial Benefits – rewarding your employees

    Since 6 April 2016, a tax exemption for “trivial” benefits provided to employees has been made available to employers. The legislation allows an employer to provide a benefit costing £50 or less to an employee without triggering a tax or…

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  3. Blog20th Jan 2021

    Withholding Tax – implications following Brexit

    For any companies who previously relied on an EU directive in relation to Withholding Tax (“WHT”), there will be a need to consider the impact between the UK and other EU entities. The terms of the relevant Double Tax Treaty…

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  4. Blog19th Jan 2021

    Tax reliefs available for businesses considering electric cars

    The Government’s announcement on their plan to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars in the UK from as early as 2030 has left many businesses concerned about the cashflow impact of replacing business vehicles.

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  5. Blog14th Jan 2021

    Could Wealth Taxes be an option to pay for the COVID-19 deficit?

    The Wealth Tax Commission have now published their final report which considers whether a UK Wealth Tax should be introduced, and if so, how this could be applied. Although the Chancellor was quoted in July 2020 as dismissing the introduction…

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  6. Case Study14th Jan 2021

    Personal tax dispute with HMRC

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  7. Blog13th Jan 2021

    Brexit and National Insurance – rules from 1 January 2021

    Following the UK’s exit from the EU, both parties have reached an agreement regarding the details of the National Insurance rules to be applied between the EU states and the UK from 1 January 2021. This agreement largely replicates the…

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  8. Blog11th Jan 2021

    The clock is ticking, don’t be late! File your 2020 Self-Assessment Tax Return on time

    *Updated 26 January 2021*

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  9. Blog6th Jan 2021

    UK reduces the scope of mandatory reporting requirements in relation to DAC 6

    In a surprising U-turn, coinciding with the end of the UK-EU Brexit transition period, the UK has dramatically reduced the scope of DAC 6 reporting obligations in the UK.

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  10. Blog6th Jan 2021

    Same old, same old? Why you should undertake a process review

    With the end of the festive season, the New Year is traditionally a time for us to reflect on the year just gone and identify areas for improvements which can be made in the next year. Whilst this is traditionally…

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  11. Case Study6th Jan 2021

    Post-Brexit reporting and funding for EU markets

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  12. Blog21st Dec 2020

    2020 Year in Review – Legal Sector

    The thought of lockdown round two will have given many partners flashbacks of the difficult economic conditions experienced during the spring and summer of 2020. However, from recent surveys there are strong indications that there is much more market optimism…

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