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  1. Blog27th Jul 2020

    Blog 4: The often misunderstood environmental impacts of green energy

    There is increasing drive towards greener energy – but what are the environmental impacts of the current options? With significant renewable energy driven growth in the electrification of our homes, vehicles and infrastructure, this means there will be a very large increase in demand for base metals,…

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  2. Blog23rd Jul 2020

    2020: Shining a Spotlight on the Tech Sector

    2020 will be a year remembered for many ‘unprecedented’ challenges and disruptions across the globe. It could also be said that it will be remembered for not only the increased use of technology, but the significant reliance on it for people…

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  3. Blog22nd Jul 2020

    Blog 3: Can a new energy source replace fossil fuels?

    No other naturally occurring fuel energy source looks like it will take over the dominance of oil and natural gas quickly in the 21st century. There most likely will not be a bio-matter based replacement, and their existence by their definition is finite eventually (with the…

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  4. Blog21st Jul 2020

    Where Professional Services Firms Should be Focusing Their Efforts as Lockdown Eases

    Although not directly impacted in the same way as businesses in the retail, leisure and hospitality industries, the legal sector and other professional services sectors have found that COVID-19 has triggered challenging market conditions. A recent survey suggests that revenues…

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  5. Blog20th Jul 2020

    Blog 2: Energy transition has been taking place for centuries

    Energy transition is an ongoing and inevitable process that has been taking place for centuries. Globally, our primary and dominant source for energy until the early to mid-19th century was biomass (or wood). This was replaced with coal throughout the 19th century, which was then replaced with oil and natural…

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  6. Blog16th Jul 2020

    Succession planning

    Retaining Key Employees & Maximising Cash

    The past few months have been challenging for the majority of businesses throughout the world, requiring companies to juggle various important factors such as staffing levels, financing options and cash flow implications, let alone the issues and changes arising in everyone’s personal lives.   

    By Derek Gemmell

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  7. Blog15th Jul 2020

    Blog 1: Meeting green targets & growing global energy demand

    There is increasing pressure to meet both green targets and growing global energy demand. Our renewed and heightened awareness of climate change issues, energy transition and net-zero targets has put a lot of pressure very quickly on our most established…

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  8. Blog15th Jul 2020

    Key Considerations for M&A during COVID-19

    There is no hiding from the fact that the Scottish M&A market has been hit hard by the Covid-19 outbreak.  A staggering number of deals have been put on hold or shelved completely over the past 3 months, as both…

    By Chris Thompson

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  9. Blog10th Jul 2020

    VIDEO 5: Respond, Review, Restart, Repeat – Reframing Work

    A video series from AAB featuring top tips on planning, operating and continuously adapting in the next normal and beyond.

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  10. Blog10th Jul 2020

    Energy Transition – Promoting our competitive advantage

    Momentum around our dependency on fossil fuels and climate change has been building for many years, but it has only in the last 18 to 24 months become a leading agenda item in national and world politics. It has been projected into our public…

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  11. Blog9th Jul 2020

    Tech Deals – A clear target for 2020

    2020 has presented monumental challenges to global economies resulting in many people expecting a slowdown in deal volume. However, despite these unprecedented times, deal activity in the technology sector has remained buoyant as both private equity and strategic acquirers continue to seek acquisition and investment opportunities to support their growth aspirations.   There have recently been several high-profile transactions in…

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  12. Blog8th Jul 2020

    VAT Rate Cut for Tourism & Hospitality Sectors – Further Guidance

    6 Month VAT Rate Cut for Tourism and Hospitality Sectors – Further Guidance  – *Updated 29 September 2020* Following the Chancellor’s announcement on the 8th of July that a temporary 5% reduced rate of VAT would apply for certain supplies…

    By Alistair Duncan

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