personal tax enquiry

Personal tax enquiry for director of four companies

personal tax enquiry

Case Study8th Oct 2020

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Our Client 

An individual director of four companies received an HMRC personal tax enquiry notice. At the same time each company received a separate enquiry notice involving a full review of accounting and tax records – including corporation tax, income tax, VAT and PAYE.   

Our Approach 

  • Supported the client’s accountant with the initial response to HMRC answering the opening information request. The client’s accountant would not have been able to handle the volume of work required to be submitted to HMRC and manage their daily tasks.  
  • Gave the client the comfort and support that this was a manageable task using AAB experts in each tax area.  
  • Allowed the director to step back and let the expert team at AAB to liaise and negotiate directly with HMRC on his behalf.  

The Outcome 

  • Took over 2 years to conclude following various meetings with HMRC however no additional taxes were due.  

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