Business Advisory Group Partner and Head of Tax Investigations & Dispute Resolutions 



Owner Managed Businesses. Family Businesses and all related Directors, Shareholders and Partners.  


Corporate Tax Planning. Personal Tax Planning. Tax Investigations and Disclosures.  


Owner Managed Businesses across all sectors. Family Businesses. Construction and Property. 


Stuart is Business Advisory Services Partner and Head of Tax Investigations & Dispute Resolutions. Stuart is also a key member of our Family Business and Construction & Property team.  

Based in our Aberdeen office, Stuart works extensively on providing a wide range of tax planning advice that goes beyond just ensuring clients are compliant. Stuarts aim is to make our clients as tax efficient as possible both personally and from a business perspective.  

As Head of Tax Investigations, Stuart can also advise you on all types of tax investigations & disputes, including voluntary disclosures, full cross taxes investigations, fraud investigations and offshore disclosures. 


“It’s critical that I’m always ahead of the game as far as knowledge and advice. I’ll talk to clients about future changes and advise them on how we can help. Whether that’s changes in legislation or in their business, I’ll be talking to them and advising them well in advance. 

Using technology to provide real time information means we start advising clients prior to their year-end or the tax year end. My focus is always to save our clients’ money, help them to maximise profits or help them reach a successful conclusion to an investigation. Every day is different and the advice I give is totally bespoke to every client.” 


“The tax investigation work I do can really have a big impact on a clients life. Often investigations can last months or years and the effect on a client can be huge. It’s not just getting the best result for a client, but giving them peace of mind, taking the stress away and helping them sleep at night.  

We’ll deal with HMRC from start to finish to get an enquiry closed as quickly as possible. We achieve great results for clients and help them get to a much better place,” 


“I’ve got an equal number of previous years’ experience working within HMRC as I have at AAB, and this gives me a unique perspective when advising our clients. I’ve been on both sides of the fence, meaning I can give clients the best advice possible. 

The thing that makes our Business Advisory team unique is that we have all the knowledge and skills in one team. We don’t split the various aspects of tax into different teams. So for example, we can advise clients about corporate tax planning matters on business profits, extracting profits tax efficiently personally, and arrange for investment advice from AAB Wealth at the same time.” 


“I enjoy building and leading the Business Advisory Team. Recruiting and retaining the best talent in our business is key. We look beyond just experience and technical skills; people in the team need to also be the right fit for AAB culturally.  

My team need more than just technical knowledge, they need to be great communicators, be able to build strong relationships and want to go the extra mile. Growing our own talent is part of our strategy by taking on graduates, apprentices and trainees, I help to coach the team and love seeing them grow and develop.” 

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