Kicking off with Cloud Accounting: My first month

BLOG5th Oct 2018

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Yesterday I celebrated my one month anniversary since I began work at AAB. From day one Xero has been an integral part of my work day; ultimately the unequivocal answer to most tasks that are sent my way.

As a self-confessed computer geek, I had a keen interest in cloud based software prior to working here – and the big benefits it brings to a user. From producing and perfecting paperless accounts, to making the most of the mobile apps and even reading the real-time reports from any location, Xero splices the mobility and convenience of a phone app with the raw power and performance of an array of servers to deliver their service to hundreds of thousands of clients 24/7, 365 days a year.

Something I had immediately noticed upon commencing my first ever piece of work on the accounting platform was how truly simple it is to interpret and implement. In terms of accounting jargon, a very basic understanding will be more than enough to translate and tend to any of your accounting needs. The user interface is incredibly friendly, enabling clients with a wide range  of computer literacy to post transactions, and amend and append documents and reports with very little difficulty.

As well as celebrating what I hope to be the start of a long and prosperous career at this firm, I also attended my very first monthly Xero “lunch and learn” along with the rest of the Xero team – about a dozen certified and extremely competent users of the software. They all have a high level of experience and can assist in most, if not all, queries or questions which come our way.

I completed my Xero accreditation and  have learnt so far that what comes with Xero is a very gentle intuitive learning curve; one where you routinely add to your knowledge by learning just a thing or two each day, and don’t become intimidated by the software. You will notice your level of comprehension surge with each passing second of use, as your interaction with the webpage or app becomes just that little bit more refined and fluent.

So yes, I celebrated my one month anniversary with AAB yesterday, but there is no question that I will be working very closely with this quintessential accounting software for years to come.

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