Restructuring & Recovery Director



Companies of any size. 


Business Rescue and Recovery. Insolvency. Administrations. Liquidations. Personal Insolvency. Advisory Work. Members’ Voluntary Liquidations. Debt Recovery/Creditor Support. 


Across all sectors.  


Duncan Raggett is a Restructuring & Recovery Director. He specialises in advising businesses in distress, including those facing insolvency. And although he says the traditional view of an insolvency practitioner can be a bit like the Grim Reaper, most of what he does is try to rescue a business.  

Based in our Edinburgh office, Duncan says the biggest challenge he faces in his work is encouraging companies with problems to speak to him early. Because if they do, there are so many more options on the table to help them get back on their feet. More than anything, his focus is to save the company, save the jobs and save everyone a lot of stress.  


“I can be working with any type or size of business – and that’s one of the aspects of my job I find the most enjoyable. I’ve worked with bakers, builders, retail businesses – even football clubs. And sometimes I work with individuals too.  

My clients can be any business that’s in distress, anyone facing insolvency or any company director that feels it’s time to get out of their business or wind it down. So, it can be stressful, but if a job comes in early enough, then I can work with all parties to come up with a really good solution that maximises the outcome for everyone. And if I can save a business, that’s the best result possible.” 


“My work can be very tricky because I’m often dealing with people who are going through a difficult time. They might be fighting to save a business that they’ve grown from nothing – so it’s their baby. But it’s always easier if there’s an open, collaborative and cooperative relationship – with no hidden surprises. Then we can work together to come up with the best solution for their business, their employees or possibly their creditors. My duty is to get the best result for everyone concerned.”   


“As well as showing that I have the expertise and knowledge to give my clients the right advice, one of the most crucial skills in a role like this is to be human. I need to show compassion and empathy because a lot of the people I work with are in a position they’ve never been in before. So I have to hold their hand through any process, to help them make the right choices and work hard to secure a good outcome.” 


“You don’t get many compliments in our industry – just because of the very nature of the work. But I have had clients say to me and the rest of the team, how grateful they are for all the help and advice we’ve given. And for being by their side as they’ve navigated what is possibly one of the most difficult times of their life.” 

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