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Brian Robb is a Senior Manager within our Payroll and Employment Taxes team, and the first point of contact for prospective clients. Based in Aberdeen he works with companies to discover their needs, provide them with a service proposal, and then ensure they enjoy a smooth onboarding process.  

A friendly and approachable person who always puts 100% into any task, Brian says that being able to connect with new clients is the part of the job he enjoys the most. And being able to take a ‘bigger picture’ approach to ensure each client receives a first-class service every time.  


“The first thing I always advise clients is don’t think of us as an outsourced service provider, think of us as part of your team. and that’s one of the reasons I always try to meet clients face-to-face, especially at the very start. It’s then, at that point, that we begin to build a good, supportive and collaborative relationship.  

My initial conversations with clients revolve around how we can help them with payroll. With all the expertise that we have at AAB, if clients need help with pensions, tax, benefits or working abroad, there’s always someone here who can support them with that too. Working with one team and having everything under one roof, we aim to make life so much easier.” 


“When we start working with a company, employees shouldn’t notice any changes. If they get paid correctly and on time, that’s a great sign that we’ve managed a smooth and successful implementation. But, of course, I always hope that our new clients will notice a difference – in the level of support they’re receiving, the confidence they have in the advice we’re giving, and just how easy the whole process was. Many new clients say they wish they’d switched to us years ago, and that’s all the validation I need to know that we’re doing a good job.” 


“I’m a firm believer that you have to challenge the norms. Just because a company has always done something a certain way for the last number of years, doesn’t mean it should always be done that way.  

If I can go into a business, with a fresh pair of eyes, and spot a better way for my client to do something, I owe it to them to suggest it. That’s what clients look for – someone to look at the bigger picture rather than just offer a basic payroll service. And, someone who is dedicated to enhancing the payroll service being offered. Because ultimately, that’s how our work will have a positive impact for the whole firm.”  


“We’re at the forefront when it comes to be being tech-enabled. And every new innovation helps to shift the focus away from our clients having to fill out lots of spreadsheets, and ourselves having to input lots of data. Now we are using systems that can speak directly to our clients’ systems, sharing and swapping information that we both hold. So many of the slow, laborious processes will soon become a thing of the past.

Uniquely, we supply a payroll dashboard, that allows a build-up of historical payroll transactions for clients. Then whenever they need to access their own data or information, they can go to the payroll dashboard and create the report by themselves.” 

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