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Alejandro Alcala is a Senior Manager within our Corporate Tax team. A qualified Mechanical Engineer, he works predominantly in the field of innovation funding, helping clients claim Research & Development tax credits.  

Based in Central Scotland, Alejandro works with an incredibly diverse portfolio of companies. Using his technical and analytical skills, his job is to capture the essence of the innovation taking place, and then write it up into a compelling narrative that satisfies HMRC the client is eligible for R&D tax credits. And sometimes that narrative is so spot-on, clients ask to use it on their own website!   


“It doesn’t matter what sector the innovation is in. If a company is working on something a bit different and challenging to develop, there’s a chance they could qualify for R&D tax credits. I’m not an accountant, I’m an engineer, so I go in to get an understanding of the technology and the innovation. Then we work out what the credit could be worth and help them apply for it. I’m here to bridge the gap between the technical and the financial aspects.  

Sometimes companies we work with aren’t even aware they can qualify for this tax benefit – until we point out that what they’re doing is breaking new ground. And that’s what the government wants to recognise, reward and encourage. Most often the money is used to innovate further – but sometimes I’ve been told it’s actually helped to keep the doors open. To play a part in that is brilliant.”  


“This is something that I learned many years ago. Business is between two. It’s not me trying to take advantage of you, or you trying to take advantage of me. It’s the both of us working together to reach a final objective. And that requires trust. That’s when what we do works best.” 


“I know that when I go out to see a client, they expect to meet someone who knows what they’re doing – who is an expert in their field. I come from a technical background, but there will always be areas that I’m not so familiar with. As much as I know about energy – there are aspects within it that aren’t my specialism. And that’s where preparation comes into play. Before any meeting, I make sure I do my homework. Then I can quickly get an understanding of the work my client is doing. And of course, legislation and regulations are constantly changing. So, I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t keep up with that too. It’s a challenge, but one I enjoy.” 


“On a personal level, I get so much satisfaction from seeing so many companies doing such incredible things. Technology advances that you wouldn’t imagine. And it’s so varied. From one day to the next I could be hearing about an advancement in energy or manufacturing; a device that can keep a wind turbine working longer with less downtime for maintenance, or a product that can help patients with dementia. I’m in a very privileged position. The potential for growth in this area of work is enormous and I’m truly excited about seeing that happen.” 

  • Having AAB as our business partners gives me peace of mind as they listen, participate and work with us to ensure our goals are achieved.

    Gillian Irvine, NorDan

  • Commercially driven tax and financial advice provided by people who understand my business and who care about its success. A dedicated partner led team of real advisors with real commercial focus.

    Derek Smith, Maritime Developments Limited

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