US window covering company expands to UK market

Our Client 

One of the world’s largest window covering companies based in the US was looking to expand their capabilities in the UK. Considerations were being made for M&A activity to deliver window coverings to some of the largest commercial office developments in the UK. 

Our Approach 

  • Held front end discussions with our client to understand their requirements and designed a tailored work scope to understand the target business and identify the key risks 
  • Conducted a site visit to the target business to fully understand the business, meet the target management team and complete the fieldwork 
  • Prepared a succinct report that identified the key issues on a timely basis 
  • Ensured regular contact with client to manage cross border relationship 
  • Took complete control of the due diligence assignment to allow our client to focus on building relationships with the target company 

 The Outcome 

  • Provided workable solutions to be included in the transaction documentation to mitigate all key risks identified based on our extensive experience in M&A transactions  
  • Provided real time feedback to our client to immediately make them aware of any issues and kept them up to date with progress 
  • Used our extensive knowledge of the business to assist our client in negotiating key commercial terms of the transaction 
  • Added value to the target business by making some recommendations of how to improve accounting processes and procedures which will improve the efficiency of reporting going forward 
  • An assignment delivered on time and on budget 

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