What IS a good job these days?

BLOG28th May 2018

I recently read a great short post on LinkedIn by Chip Cutter. In it, he simply restated the absolutely killer question posed by the Wall Street Journal’s Nikki Waller during a conversation piece with Hamdi Ulukaya – CEO of one of the fastest growing food companies in the world, Chobani.

That question was “what is a good job these days?”

This question is like everything that is outstanding: simple, yet insightful; easy, yet profound.

Hamdi’s answer was, if anything, even better.

“A good job, for me: You come from your home, which is your safest place, to work, and you don’t have to pretend. You come in your own natural way, natural being, in your natural stage. And you come to work and contribute your…. given talent to a place you passionately believe in, surrounded by a supportive group of leaders and colleagues you trust. You go back physically tired but emotionally charged.”

He then added: “You have to also be able to support your family.”

It’s worth reporting that he had to get through the interruptions of applause to actually finish his answer. So, he touched a lot of people’s innate sense of what’s “right”.

I think his answer is not just the definition of a “good job” – it’s the definition of a great job. He describes one in which everyone is their true, authentic self.

Just imagine for a minute how much more productive, how much happier and how much more effective every business or organisation in the world could be if this definition described every workplace? What if everyone gave an answer like this when talking about themselves?

The question for leaders in every industry is not whether this matches your own definition of a good job, or even a great job; but how closely does this definition match the description the people in your business would apply to their own job right now?

Getting the right culture in your organisation is vital if people are to feel genuinely enabled and able to give their true, authentic self in all that they do. After all, authenticity is everything as Hamdi brilliantly illustrates. To get there usually takes a lot of dedicated work; and to maintain it just as much.

Our team have significant experience and expertise in strategy and people consulting and can design and deliver a bespoke solution so that the people in your business can answer that question in a truly authentic way. We have helped many organisations to realise and unlock the potential within their organisations by enabling people to be the very best version of themselves they can be. If you feel you might like some assistance in understanding your teams’ current position – and what your future options might be – please pick up the phone or get in touch with us to arrange an initial chat.


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