Systems & Software

When it comes to technology, businesses are constantly trying to keep up with changes, updates and evolving requirements. This often leads to a mixture of different systems being used across departments, regions and operational teams. The result is data being held in an increasingly complex combination of legacy, on-premise and cloud software, which means that it can be challenging for businesses to find meaningful management information to make key business decisions, and it is difficult to get a clear picture of the entire organisation.

Our Systems & Software (S2) specialists can help businesses overcome the challenges associated with the changing world, changing customer demands, increased competition and the want and need for faster and more accurate data and reporting. They work with businesses to integrate and consolidate data, streamline processes and provide meaningful management information, overcoming these challenges to improve efficiency and achieve better insights.

Dashboards – Data as a Service

By utilising leading-edge dashboard technology, we can bring visibility to business-critical information securely, on demand and in real time, wherever you like to work. Our team will help to consolidate and organise your data in one place and provide interactive dashboards which will transform that raw data into meaningful outputs specific to your business. Check out some of our example dashboards here

Systems & Process Reviews

Our experience working with many different software packages and business sectors gives us the ability to take a fresh look at your existing systems and processes.

Rather than implementing new software, we can make recommendations to improve efficiencies within your processes and cut down on unnecessary time spent. This can involve automating processes or integrating existing systems to minimise the manual inputs and the potential for errors.

Undertaking a systems and process review will benefit your business to ensure that your systems are working for you. Improving efficiencies in this area can really assist you in making sure that you get the information you need, when you need it whilst also minimising business risks and tightening internal controls. Our service aims to eliminate unnecessary manual intervention and work with you to create efficiencies in your business processes, and get better value from the systems you’ve invested in.

Business Intelligence

With the right information portrayed in the correct manner, business decisions can be made quickly and effectively. Through our Business Intelligence service, we can help to present your data in a clear, concise and relevant manner through online dashboards, reports and notifications.

We will help you gain access to key performance indicators providing a real time reflection of your business which will provide a greater insight into how your business is performing. Having this data at your fingertips will help you make quick and well-informed decisions, giving you a competitive advantage in a challenging market.