Technology & Media

Our extensive expertise in the technology and media sector allows us to cover all related industries, such as hardware and equipment as well as software and IT services. We recognise that this industry never stands still, and neither do the businesses within it. There is a vibrancy in the sector which requires support to tackle challenges in addition to exploiting the opportunities on offer. Our team understand the needs of businesses today and what is required to grow by offering quick, responsive advice, a strong network and a dedicated team to meet the needs of clients, whatever stage they are at.

Case Studies


The Corporate Finance team supported an existing client of the firm with an investment into a growing London-based media equipment hire business. Following the investment, AAB have supported the business by providing strategic Corporate Finance advice and assisting with compliance requirements, including cloud accounting. Whilst working alongside the client, the team have made recommendations including the implementation of asset tracking software to support the management team improve the return on capital and to acquire robust utilisation data which would support discussions with a potential buyer in the future. Other areas of Corporate Finance support include fundraising and support with the preparation of financial projections and business plans.


The UK subsidiaries of a global weather forecasting and decision support group based in Norway which has had nearly 20 year of success, predominantly in the Oil & Gas, Renewables and Shipping sector. In the last 5 years there has been a change in local management, the coming together of two previously unlinked subsidiary companies and the resignation of their lead accountant which has led to various compliance services and ad-hoc advice provided to the UK companies.