Manpower & Recruitment

With vast experience of advising businesses of any size, and with any sector of specialism, our dedicated manpower and recruitment team have the knowledge and expertise to help clients achieve their aims, objectives and aspirations. Our dedicated team, made up of key individuals from across AAB’s service lines, will assist in all matters from payroll to tender & bid support; compliance checks to international expansion and financial forecasting to in-country support.

We have a stellar reputation in providing expert accounting and tax advice for businesses in the sector. We listen to our clients to understand their business and what is important to them. Through working to suit their timescales and needs, we deliver accounting and tax support and planning to save clients’ time, money, give them peace of mind and always be there to provide support so business goals can be met.

Callum Gray

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Callum Gray
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Background We began working with a company who supply specialist personnel ...

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