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A wide range of US companies needing tax services, and internal co-workers.


I help our clients with all tax related issues, across all sectors.


Tammy Weishuhn is a Tax Specialist at AAB Payroll Inc., based at our Grand Rapids Michigan office. Tammy’s role is extremely varied, and includes calculating, preparing and filing payroll tax returns, acting as a liaison between clients and the IRS or other agencies to address any tax related notices or discrepancies.

Tammy acts as a point of contact for client tax queries and believes that ideal client relationships start with a strong line of communication. In addition to holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Tammy is also a member of PayrollOrg, and became a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) in 2014.


“In my position, my clients expect accurate and timely tax filing. With both my clients and my colleagues, I find it most satisfying when I know that I am providing them with the best possible service that I can. For me, a huge part of providing that level of service is being flexible, and recognising what is best and most suitable for each individual client. At AAB Payroll we provide services to a wide range of clients, so it’s definitely not a case of ‘one size fits all’.”


“With great advancements in technology over the last few decades, communication can take many avenues. I believe there is a time for an email, an instant message, as well as a time for a phone call. When explaining a tax matter, sometimes an email is a quick and easy way to response, whereas other times I believe that a phone or zoom call is an easier way to talk through an issue. It’s about really getting to know your clients, and finding out from them which method of communication they prefer too.”


“With US tax laws ever-changing, I’m very aware of the importance of keeping up to date with any changes by reading all of the bi-monthly PayState updates. I also take several continuing education classes to ensure that I know the latest and greatest in US tax laws.

US tax laws and procedures are not an immediate career choice for most.  Let’s be honest, for most it is a thing of nightmares! I enjoy working with clients to ease their minds and remind them that we are here to offer our expert assistance with their tax matters. They don’t need to worry about being up to date with any changes to the rules and regulations, that’s what we’re here for! If any of our clients do want to know more about the process, we are always happy to take the time to explain.”


“’Clients are our passion’ is just one of the six AAB Group values, and one that really resonates with me. Client satisfaction is very important to me. I always do my best to assist our clients to address their issues and concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible. I have often been told that my client-based customer service is second to none, and I pride myself in being committed to going above and beyond to help whenever possible.”


“I am excited for my future with AAB Payroll, working as part of the wider international AAB Group. I look forward to continuing to build on my area of expertise to assist AAB in growth and providing outstanding service to our clients.”

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