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System Integration. Data Flow Architecture. Project Management. Report and Dashboard Design.  


All AAB departments. 


Stephen Lawie is a Senior Manager based in Aberdeen. While his colleague is responsible for client integrations, he focuses purely on the internal side. He’s a problem solver who ensures all of AAB’s systems are talking to each other, and that the reports and data coming from those systems are correct. He also project manages new technology being adopted by the business.  

A big part of Stephen’s work is ensuring that all teams are supported in using the different systems they need – and he knows he’s doing a good job when everyone is working away without any complaints!  


“There’s a lot of upfront planning before you can roll out a new system, probably about three to four months. Rolling out technology to a large business is one thing, rolling it out to a multi-location business is a different kettle of fish.  

But what I love is talking to people about what they want and need, going away and translating that into a solution and then presenting that back. So, delivering the project and seeing it being embraced by the business, that’s definitely the big tick in the box for me. If I can focus on delivering the technology that’s core to our service delivery, then at least I know AAB is being looked after.” 


“I’ve worked here for quite a long time and in the early days was involved in client projects. That meant attending presentations – and you know, we’re really impressive. We’ve won business even when up against the ‘Big Four’. Business we knew we had hard competition to win. And that’s an amazing feeling. It’s also a rush knowing we need to get moving and work on what we have to deliver – we’re still working with those clients many years on. Evolving our relationship and our delivery along with those businesses. ” 


“The main challenge I find in my role is that once you roll out one thing, the realisation of what’s possible comes to the forefront. So that leads to increased demand. Demand for more, demand for something extra.  

I’m part of the tech hub where every department is represented. We meet to discuss what technology is needed, where the pinch points are in our service, and how I can help solve that. There’s no point in me going into an audit team and telling them this new software is what they’re going to use and good luck. It’s much better if I can get in front of all these people and give them the power to imagine how to make their own lives better.”   


“As we grow and more companies come into the fold, it requires input from many parts of the business to integrate or synchronise their information with our systems. It’s a challenge. But it’s also an opportunity for us to do things better and improve upon ‘what we have always done’. That’s always something I look forward to. It’s not just the delivery of something new, but the delivery of something better. I enjoy coming in and disrupting things a little bit and seeing how we can improve the process. How we can improve the delivery. How we can improve the client experience.” 

  • AAB deliver on time, every time and respond promptly to my queries and needs. I would, and have, recommended AAB to businesses who have since joined them.

    Graham Mackie, Dales Engineering Services Limited

  • Having AAB as our business partners gives me peace of mind as they listen, participate and work with us to ensure our goals are achieved.

    Gillian Irvine, NorDan

  • Commercially driven tax and financial advice provided by people who understand my business and who care about its success. A dedicated partner led team of real advisors with real commercial focus.

    Derek Smith, Maritime Developments Limited

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