Customs Director



Large Corporations. International Businesses. 


International Trade Auditory Services. Compliance Advice. Import and Export Procedures. Managing Duty and Import VAT. System Audits. 


Industrial. Tech. Engineering. Healthcare. Leisure, Retail & Hospitality. 


Seanna Forbes is a Customs Director, providing international trade auditory services and compliance advice to her clients. 

Seanna specialises in all areas of international trade including import and export procedures and regulations, obtaining and managing duty and import VAT suspensive regimes and auditing work undertaken by client’s freight agents. 


“Good communication is key to establish an open and natural relationship with clients. Offering efficient and effective solutions in a timely manner to minimise the time needed from the client is something I always aim for. Working alongside them, I understand the time they need to dedicate elsewhere in their business, and to know I can offer solutions that ease stresses is something I have always found really rewarding. 

Ultimately, I am there to listen to my clients’ needs, understand how they operate and find solutions to complex customs challenges. Our team are experts in our field, and this allows us to have a positive, honest and open relationship with clients where the best solution for them is achieved.” 


“Having worked for HMRC in excess of 24 years, I have good working relationships with many departments within HMRC and their authorisation teams, The Institute of Export, and of course the various supply chain teams operating on behalf of my clients. 

Working so closely with HMRC and freight agents, I have to show varying levels of assertiveness to get the responses and information I need. Dealing with HMRC can be challenging at times, but persistency and knowing how to find the right information and contacts is key. Building this network has proven to be of huge value, as it means I am able to move forward with client work with minimal delays.” 


“The personal interaction not just with clients but with my team is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job. Providing and receiving feedback, learning from colleagues’ past experiences and understanding their point of view all helps to build respect for each other. 

At work, no matter what stage in your career, you should always be learning, always exchanging knowledge and assessing how you handle situations to better yourself and your relationships.” 


“It’s important to move with the ever-growing digital world, however in my current role it’s proved valuable to have face to face contact with clients and team members, as well as being able to physically audit their systems. The advancement in technology has provided some really exciting solutions for our work and being part of an open-minded and forward-thinking team means we take full advantage of these. 

Our team started off as two people, and whilst I’ve been able to prove to myself that I work consistently well under pressure (and am still able to laugh at the end of the day!), growing the team significantly has been really exciting. We’ve been able to improve our service to clients whilst also improving our life at work, getting to meet new colleagues and build an expert team we can all be proud of. I can safely say I love what I do and am looking forward to see what comes in the future.” 

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