Senior Customs Consultant



Small & Large Businesses. International Businesses. 


Customs Duty. Compliance Advice. International Supply Chain Management. HMRC Contact. Dispute Resolutions. System Audits. Export Licencing & Compliance. 


Industrial. Tech. Engineering. Automotive. Leisure, Retail & Hospitality. 


Richard is a Senior Customs Consultant in AAB’s VAT & Customs Duty team. Richard works with his clients in all elements of international trade. In many cases this will be to alleviate the concerns, worries and additional pressures that come with operating in such an arena. 

Richard has 25 years of experience in export trade compliance and export licensing, working with clients to guide them through the complexities of these areas to ensure compliance and to improve efficiency. 


“My ideal client relationship is based on openness, professionalism and mutual courteous respect for each other with an open and honest communication channel. The area I work in is so complex, so I always make sure there are agreed operating expectations and parameters.  

So much trust needs to be held between me and my clients, it’s an absolute necessity to provide them with total professionalism, expert knowledge and agility. Pragmatism is also key in making sure I am supplying my clients with detailed work within budget, on time, yet going above and beyond expectations.” 


“I’m extremely motivated in my role, and what fuels this is seeing the impact I’ve been able to make; helping businesses to become more efficient in their operations whilst minimising their risk of non-compliance.  

I spend a lot of time getting to know my clients to understand how their business works, what their goals are and what is holding them back. I love the hands-on early stages of a client relationship as I am faced with fresh challenges and I can help mould and influence a business’s future whilst saving them money through efficiencies, staying compliant and becoming at the same time 

I firmly believe that global supply chains should be as simple as possible, to this end I will work with businesses to ensure they are compliant with and operationally implement HMRC regulations, United Nations and Chamber of Commerce guidelines. 

I’ve got over 25 years’ experience in exporting, export trade compliance and export licencing. Due to constant legislative changes, I’m constantly refreshing my knowledge and learning new skills in order to maintain the ultimate goal of giving my clients back time, resource and restoring their peace of mind when it comes to customs duty.” 


“The VAT & Customs Duty team at AAB is one of expert knowledge and its of such benefit to be able to tap into the knowledge pools around me. We’re very collaborative and are always sharing new approaches and new things to consider. 

Customs is an extremely complex area, and the lack of clarity and constantly changing rules can prove very challenging to navigate at times. Knowing I am working in a team I trust really helps to provide clarity when needed.” 

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    Richard Coker, Senior Customs Consultant

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