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Rhianne Stewart is a Senior Manager within our Employee Benefits. Based in Aberdeen, she works with a wide range of employers, from start-ups to large corporates, providing advice and managing their employee benefits packages. She brings honesty and integrity to AAB, and according to one client, is a ‘phenomenal talent’.   

The work Rhianne does could be anything from carrying out a review of a company’s existing benefits programme and benchmarking that against their peers. Or seeing if there are any gaps in what they’re offering in terms of pensions, income protection or private medical insurance. For smaller companies and start-ups, it might mean helping to design and launch their very first benefits


“When a client awards you their business, they’re putting a lot of trust in you to deliver. So  ultimately, you need to gain their confidence and respect from the earliest point in the relationship.    

I think the more time you can spend with your clients the better. Not just to understand their business, but them as an individual. That will promote a really healthy and long lasting relationship – and it feels so much nicer if you can deliver a service with a personal touch.” 


“I think we’re fairly unique at AAB. Yes, I’m an employee benefits specialist. But I also work in tandem with our payroll team and the employment taxes team. So for many of my clients, as well as looking after their employee benefits, we also process and manage their payroll, advise on employment taxes, and broker all the policies that form part of their benefits package.  

We’re almost seen as a one-stop-shop. Which is a huge benefit for clients as they can fully outsource that entire function, but get it all from one point of contact rather than multiple people. It’s all the advice they need from end to end, delivered by people they trust.” 


“I find it so rewarding being able to help my clients. I work really closely with them – and almost get a sense that I’m an extension of their team. They’re always number one in my eyes. And I hope that knowing they’ve got all of my expertise and knowledge at their disposal gives them great peace of mind. 

Often, I’m also able to save them money by reviewing all of their policies and benefits. Something which is obviously always well received. And by taking the whole benefits function off their hands, I can save them time – so they can put all of their efforts into other important work.”  


“I think AAB should be hugely proud of how far it has come over the last 30 years – and where it’s going in the next 30 years. We started out as what people would probably describe as your standard accountancy firm, but we’re a million miles away from that now. 

I think it’s a really exciting place to work in terms of the actual services that we can deliver. And in the growth that we’re seeing around the country. We’ve got an evolving workforce and huge potential. So I just feel lucky to be involved in that journey.”  

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